How to Develop the Right Hemisphere of the Brain

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The division into humanities and technology is directly related to which hemisphere of the human brain is most developed and active. The first have the right hemisphere, which is responsible for intuition and creative thinking, and the second have the left hemisphere, which is responsible for logical thinking.
You have to develop your right hemisphere not to become an artist (although anything is possible), but to be able to find a creative approach to something, for example. Or to develop creative thinking. In fact, everyone needs to be creative from time to time. But these are just a couple of examples of why it’s worth paying attention to the right “half” of the brain. To make you aware of all the pros and benefits, we will tell you about the areas of specialization of the hemispheres and what you can do to develop the right hemisphere.

Left hemisphere

Doctors consider this hemisphere dominant, but in fact it dominates only a few functions: speech control, language abilities, reading and writing abilities, and remembering facts, names, and dates. The work of the left hemisphere can be divided into five elements: mathematical ability, literal comprehension of words, analytical thinking, control of right-brain movement, and sequential information processing.

Right hemisphere

The right hemisphere is not considered dominant, but the number of functions it performs suggests otherwise. If the functions of the left hemisphere can be divided into five main ones, there are more than a dozen: orientation in space, musicality, understanding of metaphors and works of imagination, processing of nonverbal information, parallel information processing, imagination, emotions, control of left-body movements, dreams, mysticism (including religiousness) and sex (unless you are very much concerned about the process technique).
how to develop the right hemisphere of the brain

What you can do to develop the right hemisphere

1. Become a theater actor

Not literally. Just imagine yourself as a theater actor, rehearse roles, and improvise. It’s a great way to tap into your creative think tank. Improvisation, dance, all these things will help your potential to break out and get rid of the usual logical thoughts. You can do it with imaginary partners, but it’s better to ask a friend or friend for help. With an imaginary partner, you won’t be able to reach a state of flow. But about that a little later.
Performing art is a great power. Another of its benefits is that it changes your focus. When you perform your role or perform a dance, you have to be focused on your partner. This way you force your brain to be less focused on your conscious, logical thoughts and free it up for creative thinking and self-expression.
To access your creativity, you should try to be in a state of flow more often. It’s a creative state where you’re as focused as possible on your partners and the task at hand. It’s not at all the same as clicking numbers and forcing yourself to solve problems with the conscious areas of your brain.

2. Draw

how to develop the right hemisphere of the brain
Drawing “shifts” logical thinking to give way to creative thinking. Drawing teacher Betty Edwards has written a book called Drawing in the Right Hemisphere of the Brain. In it, she shares tricks to help artists change their approach to their work. For example, there’s an exercise that says that before you start drawing what you’re planning, you should try to mentally turn that image upside down and imagine it. Tricks like this help you look at familiar things in a new way. Plus, it allows you to focus more on the details, which in turn helps you execute your plan better.
Changing the way you’re used to looking at things is another way to access your creative think tank. You don’t have to aim to become a great artist, but it’s worth taking a few drawing lessons to turn off your conscious critical thoughts and see familiar things from a new, creative side. If you’re diligent and know what self-discipline is, maybe lessons aren’t necessary. Just grab some paper and pencils and start drawing.

3. Get out of the coercive zone

Creativity doesn’t like coercion. Everyone has had the unpleasant feeling of trying to force themselves to think creatively or do something creative. Forcing a logical area of the brain to become creative is like asking a janitor to perform an appendix operation.
Stop forcing yourself. Take a break. Take a long hike, take a bath in oils and salt. Let your mind “take a walk.” Sometimes this is imperative. During a break, creative thoughts can rise to the surface of your attention and that will help you hear them.

4. Practice mindfulness

The last trick to develop your right hemisphere is to practice mindfulness. You can practice mindfulness using a physical approach – yoga. But if that doesn’t interest you, you can always turn to meditation. There are many useful and effective ways of deep meditation today.
In addition, you can use fun mindfulness exercises that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. For example, make yourself take a detour or pretend to be a detective who has to scrutinize people and places. Mindfulness exercises and drills can help you figure out how your brain works and what your normal thought process is on a daily basis.
Don’t forget that mindfulness has many benefits. It can calm us down, slow our breathing, and help us be more observant, which in turn is a great way to unleash our creativity.

how to develop the right hemisphere of the brain

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