How I Make $100 a Day Selling Online Astrology Readings

TrendsHow I Make $100 a Day Selling Online Astrology Readings

I proved to myself that making money online fast is possible

Have you ever wondered how to make money online fast? Is it possible to use internet to make money without much effort? If you try Google search, you won’t find the answer… Or, in fact, Google answers “no” to these questions.

Below is the result of the “how to make money online fast” query:

how i make 0 a day selling online astrology readings

You either need a website with tons of traffic or should be an influencer on social networks. Believe me, you’ll have to work hard for months or even years before you start earning something using the above-mentioned methods. I have a popular blog, and I know how difficult it is to build your audience and keep them interested in what you publish.

Even if you’re ready to work hard, freelance writing and coaching require the respective proven skills.

So, it looks like a vicious circle: if you have no startup capital or skills, you cannot start an online business. You won’t be even able to create your website or find your first customers.

But internet is full of money. There are hundreds of millions of internet users who are ready to pay, and you are just several clicks away from them and their money. But you need a shortcut—something that you can offer them and get paid.

Do you know how difficult it is to make money in Affiliate Marketing? Nobody clicks the ads, nobody is interested in something usual. You need a niche offer to get money fast.

When I came across the Astrology Service I’m going to tell you about, I didn’t really know how popular astrology was. But astrology is really booming now. Millenials are crazy about astrology, especially women. After gathering some information, I decided to experiment with it.

Yes, I have a popular blog, but I decided to try to make money fast via social networks only and share the results with other people. Everyone has social media accounts, but few people use them to earn money.

So, the idea is to sell the Birth Chart Pro astrology service that creates a birth chart reading once users have entered their birth data. Its free version is here. I recommend that you create your natal chart for free to see how it works (even if you don’t believe in astrology—you’ll still be able to make money).

Step 1. Obtain access

I purchased the Pro version of this Astrology Service for… $3.99. It’s nothing for a 30-page natal chart reading! Once you’ve purchased the access, you become eligible to resell it at your own price. It’s important to find the right price for your audience. I experimented with different prices, and I will share the result of my experiment below.

Step 2. Automate everything

I wanted to make the process of making money absolutely automatic (except for advertising). I had a PayPal account, but you can easily create it within minutes.

In your PayPal account, go to Seller Tools and choose Website payment preferences.

Enable Auto Return and enter the link which you obtained in Step 1 (Return URL).

how i make 0 a day selling online astrology readings

Now, when users make payment to you via PayPal, they will be redirected to the Astrology Service page where they can enter their birth data and view the natal chart and its reading. You don’t have to do anything!

I highly recommend that you enable the you’ve received a payment notification. Believe me, it’s a great feeling to wake up in the morning and check your mailbox to see a dozen of notifications “You’ve received a payment”.

how i make 0 a day selling online astrology readings

If you have any queries with respect to PayPal, feel free to contact their support service. It’s responsive and professional.

To advertize, you need a link which your customers will click to pay you. I won’t go into much detail on how to create it. You can find the necessary details here. There are methods to integrate PayPal with social networks—read here.

Step 4. Start advertizing

Now, you have everything ready to start earning money. Most certainly, you have social media accounts. I mostly use Facebook. I created a Facebook page (managed from my account) and invited all my friends to view it. I found some astrology images in the internet, added them to my page to make it look good together with some text to describe the service (see here).

Pricing Strategy

You can choose any reasonable price depending on your audience. Set the price in PayPal when setting up your button link. Feel free to experiment. Three of my Facebook friends (more than 100 people) purchased their natal charts via my page for $49.99 on the first day and didn’t ask for refund. That was great, but after experimenting, I found the optimal price for my audience: $19.99 (Western and Central Europe). I have 4-10 sales per day. Your audience may be different. Try several price variants and stick to the most profitable. Each experiment duration should be about 5-7 days.

How to advertize

This Birth Chart Pro is a blessing if you have a popular blog or a website. The conversion will be very high depending on how much traffic you can generate and what you website is about. However, most people don’t have a website. Use social media! Contact new people and find an opportunity to post your PayPal button link with the respective marketing text (use this for inspiration!).

Post photos on Instagram and mention the Birth Chart Pro service in the right context (insert your link).

Visit popular websites and leave comments to articles and posts. You’d better leave comments on relevant websites to increase conversion.

I don’t recommend to spam—the conversion will be low. Think a little before posting your Paypal button link so that your ad is appropriate.


Am I selling a quality product?

Absolutely! Your customers buy high-quality astrology readingsu002du002d-more than 30 pages of in-depth analysis of their personality, including lucky numbers and compatibility module. All interpretation texts are created by professional astrologers. It is probably the most comprehensive offer in the market.

Do I need to know astrology to sell the product?

No, you don’t even have to believe in astrology. But astrology is very popular now. So, you can capitalize on it and earn money fast.

Is this an MLM scheme?

No! Nobody gets a percentage of your income, and you don’t get any percentage of your customers’ income if they decide to resell the product. It’s just reselling. As simple as that.

Is the link permanent? What if it u0022expiresu0022?

The service is powered by which was first indexed by Google back in 2013.

Can I use other payment systems?

In fact, it’s up to you how to receive payments and grant access to users (you can do it manually, if you wantu002du002d-send the link via email, for example). I like everything automated, and PayPal makes it possible for me. All I have to do is to advertize the Service and withdraw money from PayPal regularly. I like the algorith, that’s why I’ve shared it with you. Again, it’s a great feeling when you receive emails from PayPal during the day: u0022You have received payment.u0022

Will my customers be able to sell the Service themselves?

Yes! And I recommend that you also advertize this option. Some people will buy from you to read their birth chart readings, others will want to earn money. In this way, you will cover both segments: those who believe in astrology and those who don’t.

How much does this product really cost?

This is an intellectual product which may have different value for people who believe in astrology and for people who don’t. It’s price depends on your market. Sometimes, it’s better to lower the price and get more sales. But in many cases, it’s better to set a higher price. Anyways, even $99.99 is okay for this Service. It’s highly professional and comprehensive.

You say you have a popular blog. Why don’t you sell Birth Chart Pro on your website?

My blog is not about astrology. It’s for gamers. Astrology ads will not be relevant. But I am thinking about creating a website where Birth Chart Pro ads would be appropriate. I cannot create an astrology website, because I’m not a specialist in the area. However, I still can make money selling Birth Chart Pro via social networks.

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