Hottest Female Video Game Characters

While in the video game forums there has been an ongoing ass-kicking debate about what is more important in video games—graphics, gameplay or story—we decided to pay attention to the beautiful thing that makes any game at least more enjoyable: female characters, whose beauty, grace and sexuality can unite the hearts of even the most hardened debaters.

Ivy (SoulCalibur)

A temperamental girl in a tight suit with a whip sword, who believes that all means are good to achieve the goal. Let's face it, playing as this character in SoulCalibur is rather problematic, because it is impossible to focus your attention on the enemy. The reason for this is the frank outfits of the heroine and her graceful movements, which are saturated with sexuality. We look forward to the sixth part of the series, where most of the clothes will cover her hands (praise the developers!).

Christie(Dead or Alive)

A cold-blooded and sarcastic, yet sexy assassin with sadistic tendencies who has left many fans of the Dead or Alive series with an unforgettable impression. Christie's flamboyant outfits, perfect snake kung fu skills, and badass personality make her one of the most colorful characters in the franchise, despite the fact that she first appeared only in the third installment. By the way, Dead or Alive is also notable for the fact that a special engine was written for the game, which is responsible for the chest physics. Be sure to check out the playthroughs or play the game yourself – it is truly hypnotic!

2B (NieR:Automata)

Almost everyone discussed a beautiful android girl named 2B in the last year. So be it, but we just couldn't not include her in our list: she's too good, you'll agree. Her restraint and reticence only add to the charm of her image, and when you watch how gracefully and sexily she deals with machine life forms, you fall head over heels in love.

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

The legendary Lara Croft is a British archaeologist and explorer with a size 4 bust, a recognized sex symbol of the entire gaming industry and one of the most famous characters of the virtual universe, which even those who are far from gaming have heard of. Interestingly enough, originally the role of the main character in the Tomb Raider series was planned for a man, then—a Mexican diva. But fans asked for something particularly interesting—so the image of Lara appeared.

Triss Merigold (Witcher)

One of the youngest and most talented wizards in the Witcher universe, a friend of Jennifer's who has a close relationship with Geralt of Rivia. Her nobility and modesty, coupled with her magnificent body and lush autumn chestnut hair, make her one of the most memorable characters in the saga. By the way, Triss was so beloved by the fans that she even made the cover of Polish Playboy in 2011.

Rayne (BloodRayne)

A dhampir (a half-human/half-vampire), mercilessly fighting Nazi occultists and various evil spirits. Dressed in a red-and-black leather suit and stiletto boots, the redhead wields blades, Carpathian dragons (pistol-like firearms), and a harpoon. This smart, strong-willed and passionate woman definitely deserves a place on our list today.

Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite)

A noir brunette from the utopian city of Columbia from the famous adventure shooter BioShock Infinite, who conquered the hearts of many men of our editorial team. By the way, the actress for the game's commercial and the official “face” of Elizabeth was chosen Russian Anna Moleva, after the creators of the game were impressed with her cosplay of the heroine. She also voiced Elizabeth in the unofficial localization from the creative association CGInfo.

Alicia Claus (Bullet Witch)

A pretty black-haired witch from Bullet Witch who fights hordes of demons with spells and a powerful weapon called a ganrod, which resembles both a broom and a sniper rifle and can transform into a shotgun, cannon or machine gun if necessary. Alicia has an enigmatic character, a gloomy yet attractive appearance and a spectacular figure. What else do you need?

Ada Wong (Resident Evil)

A mysterious special agent from the famous horror series Resident Evil. In addition to her good looks, she has unique physical attributes, a strong character, and a sharp mind. Ada has a pronounced predilection for the color red (both in games and in film) and is excellent with firearms and knives, with which elegantly destroys hordes of zombies. Isn't she perfect?

Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect)

A versatile fighter and officer of the Cerberus organization in the world of Mass Effect. She has a gorgeous body with enchanting curves. What makes her even sexier is that in the game she always appears in a tight uniform. Besides her striking looks, Miranda is a very versatile character with impressive level of intellect.  There was a reason why Captain Shepard was interested in her!

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