Low Cut Connie have teased yet another promising glimpse from the band’s forthcoming double album Private Lives. Led by Adam Weiner’s soulful piano, the Philadelphia collective’s latest, “Help Me,” is a gospel-garage rock declaration with hints of Springsteen.

“I’m moving in the wrong direction,” Weiner sings in the song’s opening verse, “I got bad things on my mind.”

“That’s me shooting straight from the hip,” Weiner says of the song. “I just sorta opened up my brain for a quick second and spit this out.”

Weiner describes the sparse conceptual dance video as “naked in every sense of the word. I brought all the psychic terrors of this time into the room and just tried to sweat it out.”

Weiner has teased Low Cut Connie material both new and old in recent months during his Tough Cookies livestream. “I am completely convinced I’m going to be doing this a long time, even when I’m able to tour,” Weiner recently told Rolling Stone of his living room performances. “I’m so turned on artistically by doing these Tough Cookie shows, and it’s not just because we’re in a pandemic, it’s opening up a lot of artistic possibilities.

“Help Me” will be featured on Private Lives, which will be released on October 13th. The band’s sixth album contains 17 tracks, including the super-charged previously released title track and the vulnerable ballad “Stay as Long As You Like.”

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