Heads up! GoPro Hero Black 9 render reveals an all-new and exciting feature that adventure camera fans have been waiting for: a full-color front picture screen that shows will help in reviewing on-going clips. Vlogging on adventure cams is made easier giving the public an idea on prices and expectations to the widely-popular rig.

The technology company, GoPro, Inc., is approaching its expected regular September release date with a new action camera succeeding its previous models. GoPro Hero 9 Black renders are leaked by WinFuture, a German technology website that is turned to as a reliable source for any of the company's releases.

September is just days away, and GoPro's fans and loyal customers are awaiting the latest Hero 9 Black that might bring an all-new color picture ready front screen while looking like its predecessor's design. Renders of the action camera show a colored led screen that mimics its rear screen, thus suggesting a color-picture design.

Go Pro Hero 8 Black

(Photo : Unsplash)
Go Pro Hero 8 Black

GoPro is also known to add more technology and upgrade its new releases, setting them apart from its older brothers to attract potential customers.

WinFuture also notes that there is still no official news regarding the front color-picture led screen, but it can be expected that this will be GoPro's all-new tech promise for its Hero 9 Black.

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GoPro HERO 9 Black: What Specs to Expect?

GoPro will continue to impress its customers of innovation and technology that will present itself on its release. With this, EndGadget compiles new specs and configurations strongly expected and rumored to come with the action camera.

5K Video Recording

An even finer and more defined video recording capabilities may don the Hero 9 Black with the switch to 5K ready capabilities of the powerful compact camera. The number five (5) has been making a huge impact on the technological world as everything else adapts to a new number of standards in innovations.

This is the only news surrounding the shroud of mystery stemming from the action cam's anticipated release. Frame rates, actual file sizes, and battery life to support 5K are still not yet revealed.

5K is an all-new resolution for pictures and videos that is capable of producing 5,120 x 2,880 megapixels. It can produce a whopping total of 14.7 million pixels in its 16:9 aspect ratio display. Currently, Apple's iMac Pro supports 5K video and playback.

Optical Image Stabilization

Go Pro Hero 8 Black

(Photo : GoPro)
Go Pro Hero OIS

GoPro Hero 8 Black's introduction gave the world its first action camera capable of displaying stable videos despite the shakiness in capturing the video. This feature is revolutionary for adventure cameras, mostly used for highly-mobile shots such as mountain biking, trekking, parkour, surfing, etc.

This is expected in the new HERO Black 9 and may even be better than what the previous model offers.

Folding Body Mount

GoPro recently added a folding mount on the camera's body that gives its users the chance to use it without purchasing body frame mounts and cases immediately. This helps in cutting costs for customers and allowing the GoPro cameras to be used as it is.

Vlogger Ready

GoPro is rumored to increase its potential markets to vloggers who can utilize and peek at their content while filming the clip. Gone are the days when handheld GoPros need to be stopped in recording just to check-out to see the framing.

While GoPro's leaked specs prove an enticing design for everyone to use, prices are still unknown and unavailable to date. However, it is quite noting that GoPro HERO 9 Black may be priced at $680 according to a Twitter post by (@photorumors).


GoPro's new 9th edition flagship model might maintain a high price point because of its innovations and additions.

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