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About our free birth chart service

Creating your free birth chart (Wikipedia article on natal astrology) with our service is very easy. You can calculate your birth chart online and for free without the help of an astrologer. Of course, the calculation you receive above only partially reflects the depth of your personality, destiny and events.

Want to know more about astrology? Read our introductory article Astrology for Beginners!

The above decoding does not include important aspects such as:

  • The sources of events in your life and specific life scenarios. This shows the house rules in signs and other houses;
  • Where help will come to you from, where to put your energy, and what to be wary of. This shows the aspects and receptions between the planets;
  • Which details of events will manifest at different times (conjunction with the fixed stars);
  • When and in what sequence the most important events in your destiny will occur (prognostic techniques)
  • And much more
  • Although you can draw your free birth chart using our service, some readings need manual analysis. Because this is where 90% of the information about your destiny is found.

However, right now you can learn 5 easy steps to read your free birth chart for real if you are a complete beginner in astrology.

There are three good reasons why it is better to read your fate yourself than to trust an astrologer:

  • Not all things can be told to another person, even a very trusted one;
  • You can always and at any time check your horoscope yourself. Going to an astrologer every time for every occasion can be very expensive;
  • Having figured out your free birth chart yourself, you can further help others. And this is important – to feel that you and your talent are in high demand.
  • Why does your horoscope affect your life?
  • Your birth chart is formed the moment you take your first breath after birth. Your brain, like plastic clay, absorbs into itself what surrounds it. The positions of the planets and signs set the vector for its development.

Over time your habits, reactions, patterns of behavior become not only a consequence of your upbringing, but also of the positions of the planets in your horoscope at the time of your birth.

The birth chart contains all your predispositions and possible events and life circumstances that you will attract to yourself. The only one who can knit the strict thread of your destiny from this tangle is the planets themselves.

When planets pass through important points in your birth chart, it stirs up your unconscious urges and motivations. You make a conscious choice – and you end up in the right place at the right time.

It’s how you make important meetings and partings, where you live, the beginning and end of important times in your life.

And it all shows up in your free birth chart. Right now you’ve got a calculation and you’ve only learned 10% about yourself and your destiny. But you can learn another 90% of important information if you learn to decipher your birth chart yourself.

To read your free birth chart online, you need your date of birth, birthplace and time of birth – that’s all you need to calculate your free birth chart online is a birth horoscope. This is an online birth chart that you can use for free to create accurate birth charts. Enter your birth information to view your free birth chart report.

This is a detailed interpretation of your free birth chart as it was generated at the time of your birth. You need to know the day, time and place of your birth to get complete information.

If you don’t know the exact time of your birth, you will still get accurate readings for the most part, but the positions of the planets in your houses may not be accurate because the Moon and the Sun move faster than the other planets.

Use our free birth chart calculator to find your Sun sign, Ascendant, houses and Middle Heaven, as well as all the planetary aspects (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) that will shape your future.

The positions of the planets indicate our personality traits throughout our lives. The birth chart in astrology is their unique imprint on this life because at the time of our birth, the universe seems to relate us to a star sign.

Our free birth chart reading includes all the planetary positions and the rising sign of your birth chart, as well as the aspects that the planets were forming at the time, and their influence on both your character and your life. As the best and most experienced astrologers often insist, a birth chart consists of more than just their star signs.

If you look at your birth chart, you will see that your horoscope is an extremely complex system of interacting elements that come together in unique ways for each of us to complete the profile puzzle.

Are you a typical Taurus or Leo? Or do you feel like astrology has it all wrong when it comes to you? You are so much more than just a zodiac sign! There is a whole world of planets and astrological symbols that make up your complete astrological profile – your birth chart – and solar sign astrology is only a small part.

So what is your birth chart? Your birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the exact time and place of your birth. It is the astrological plan for your incarnation (complete with soul intention) and a road map to your personality, your relationships and ultimately your destiny.

How do you read a birth chart? Charts are interpreted by analysis and then synthesis. First you analyze the position of the astrological planets and points by zodiac sign, house and aspect . Then you synthesize all this information into a complete and meaningful picture. Why synthesize? Well, you can read part of your free birth chart interpretation that you are outgoing and sociable and in another you are withdrawn and shy. So what is it?

We humans are complex beings, and there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. The parts you don’t identify with are just as important as the parts you do, not in the least, because they create a strong attraction to certain people and relationships! A synthesis of contradictory information will tell you which parts make up your personality and which parts determine the fate of your relationships!

So, what are the key components of your birth chart? First, your Ascendant. This is the zodiac sign that rises on the eastern horizon at the exact moment and place where you were born. You need to know the time of your birth (which you can easily get from your full birth certificate), and it’s worth doing because the Ascendant or “rising sign” is just as important as your star sign! It defines your outward personality, how you meet the world and what impression you make.

Ascendant also defines your 12 astrological houses, each of which rules a different arena of life. For example, your first house defines your appearance, while your tenth house, or Middle of Heaven, rules your career. Love and relationships fall in the 5th and 7th houses. To see which house a planet occupies in your birth chart, count the slices counterclockwise, starting with the one just below your Ascendant at the leftmost point on the chart wheel.

The natal Moon is also crucial when interpreting a chart (in India, they even place it above the sun!) Because it represents the emotional and mental screen through which you filter your entire life experience. Check it out by sign, house and planetary aspect.

What are planetary aspects? These are the mathematical relationships that two planets can have with each other. Aspects often form lines in the center of the horoscope wheel. (Look at them. Do you see a pattern?)

A conjunction is when two planets are side by side, whereas a confrontation is when two planets are directly opposite each other.

Other aspects are named after the number by which they divide the circle. A square, for example, is 90 degrees, which divides the circle by 4. This is considered a “hard” aspect. A trine is equal to 120 degrees, which divides the circle by 3. This is considered a “soft” aspect. In a square the planets collide, in a trine they flow. Conjunctions (360: 1), oppositions (360: 2), squares (360: 4) and their multiples are explicit. Oppositions, in particular, come alive in your one-on-one relationships.

You need to know your exact time of birth to know your Ascendant, houses (and sometimes your Moon). This does not apply to the other planets and their aspects, which you can only know from your date of birth.

So what if you don’t know your birth time? You can still get valuable astrological information without a birth time. Just calculate your chart at 12 noon (the middle of your birthday) and ignore any information about the Ascendant or house that appears.

Focus on the aspects and planets in the signs. You can’t get to the minutiae without giving the exact time, but you will get broad strokes – and loads beyond your sun sign, of course!

There is also a practice in astrology called chart correction. This is when you ask an astrologer to try to calculate your exact time of birth based on key life events that you provide from your past.

By applying astrological transits, directions and progressions (forecasting techniques) to these events, the astrologer adjusts your horoscope by detecting and triangulating sensitive points in your chart that are not already marked by planets. It’s a bit like putting two transparencies on top of each other until the images match up.

This is a complex, time-consuming exercise that only a knowledgeable astrologer can do. Help them out by making as accurate a list of life events as possible.

Now you may wonder, how do C-sections and planned births affect the birth chart? They are very common after all, especially in the 21st century. Your doctor tells you to come in on a specific date and time that is convenient for them, and, oh wonder, a whole new destiny is born that way! Is there something wrong with this picture? Does it mean, for example, that certain people are born at the “wrong” time?

To answer this question, we need to look at the philosophical underpinnings of “horoscopes” of birth (literally “hourly observations”). Essentially, astrology is the art of reading time. Our human choices (or our doctor’s choices!) never go beyond the cosmic clock and therefore cannot “jinx” it.

The moment something happens, the cosmic plan for that event and its future development is encoded. Whether it is a planned event or an accident, a natural birth or a C-section, it is “at the appointed time.” There is no such thing as a birth at an “inopportune” time under this picture. But perhaps a deeper question should be asked: do we choose the time and place of our birth? Many astrologers believe we do! Because it ensures that we have free will on a soul level. If so, there is nothing special about a planned birth.

Your personal free birth chart reflects how all the major planets and astral bodies were positioned at the time of your birth. Most people are aware of their Sun sign, but there are many other aspects of astrology that govern our lives.

All astral bodies moved through different zodiac signs and houses at the time of your birth, and their positions will affect your personality and life in different ways.

The birth chart in astrology is a map of the universe with the person at the center. Its purpose is to gain insight into a person’s personality traits and potential. Your birth chart shows the position of the Sun, Moon, planets and other celestial bodies at the time a person was born and how they affect their life.

The stars in the sky make up the constellations, and they are in 12 sections or houses. The birth chart is made up and divided into 12 houses, and each house is ruled by a zodiac sign. The planets are located in each of these houses, and they influence each other positively or negatively.

The online birth chart accurately calculates the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets to an exact degree. Astrological prediction is based solely on the birth chart for the day of birth, city of birth and hour of birth. Therefore, the calculation of the natal chart is of utmost importance.

On our website you can calculate a free birth chart by date of birth to better understand your strengths, weaknesses and goals in life.