Foods you shouldn’t combine if you want to stay healthy

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Not all foods go well together. And it’s not about taste (some people like exotic combinations), but about harm to health. In some cases, such combinations can cause indigestion, in others—interfere with the absorption of useful substances. Therefore, it is worth not to eat certain combinations of products or at least limit their combined consumption.

1. Sandwiches and coffee

foods you shouldn’t combine if you want to stay healthy
One of the most popular breakfasts because it’s really easy to prepare. But this combination results in the body not absorbing many of the nutrients found in butter and cheese. This is affected not only by the coffee, but also by the substances in the bread, which interfere with the absorption of calcium. Therefore, it is better to eat bread and cheese separately.
If you like to eat cheese sandwiches, you should replace coffee with green tea for better absorption of micronutrients.

2. Tomatoes and cucumbers

This is probably the most popular salad in the world. But as doctors say, the combination of these two vegetables can have negative effects on the digestive system. The micronutrients they contain interfere with each other’s digestion, which can lead to stomach upset.
It is better to eat tomatoes and cucumbers on different days, alternating green and red salads.

3. Scrambled eggs with bacon

foods you shouldn’t combine if you want to stay healthy
This breakfast is popular in the West. And this is one of the worst combinations for digestion, because together these products form a dish rich in proteins and fats, which requires the stomach to work hard. Digestion is delayed—there is heaviness, and the absorption of useful substances in the body is impaired.

4. Potatoes and meat

This combination is found in many cuisines, because the two ingredients combine well with each other in taste and allow for quick satiety. However, it is a very heavy combination for the digestive system, which has a detrimental effect on it.
The fact is that the starch contained in potatoes requires alkaline gastric juice to digest the starch, while the meat requires acidic gastric juice. The stomach cannot decide on the choice of acidity and begins to malfunction, which causes heartburn, bloating and diarrhea. Regular consumption of such a combination can lead to frequent throwing of gastric juice into the esophagus and, as a consequence, to GERD.
Therefore, it is better to replace potatoes with another side dish that does not contain starch in such quantities (e. g. green vegetables).

5. Pasta and meat

foods you shouldn’t combine if you want to stay healthy
This is about the same situation as with potatoes. In addition, the salivary glands produce ptialin and amylase, which break down starch to simple sugars. When simple sugars begin to interact with the protein in the meat, it leads to poor digestion and impaired absorption of sugars, which can cause diabetes.
It is better to combine pasta with vegetable or herb sauces.

6. Salty foods and alcohol

Nuts, dried fish and other salty snacks, along with beer, are one of the most favorite combinations in the world. But this combination is dangerous to health precisely because of its high salt content. The fact is that the salt leads to dehydration and the desire to drink more alcohol. Beer, in turn, is a diuretic. Because of this, the body does not have time to replenish the water balance, as the incoming liquid is quickly eliminated.
As a result the body suffers from dehydration, and the person continues to drink more and more alcohol, hitting the organism from two sides at once. If it is still impossible to refuse this combination, it is worth supplementing beer with plain water.

7. Fruit and dairy products

foods you shouldn’t combine if you want to stay healthy
Many yogurts contain pieces of fruit, and the manufacturers claim that it is an extremely healthy snack. However, the acid from the fruit in contact with the protein in dairy products not only destroys it, but also impairs its digestibility.
Some combinations (like dairy and pineapple) create toxic substances. It’s all about the bromelain in pineapple, which is incompatible with dairy products. This combination, especially in people with digestive disorders, can cause diarrhea, nausea and other problems.
Another inappropriate combination is bananas and milk. Bananas by themselves are digested by the body for a long time, and in combination with milk this process is slowed down even more, which can cause heaviness and worsening of health due to intoxication of the body.
Both milk and bananas are rich in sugar, and together they cause a spike in insulin, which can lead to fat accumulation and diabetes.

8. Wine and sweets

The problem with this combination is that alcohol lowers blood sugar levels, which increases insulin production. When sweet desserts enter the body with alcohol, the body is already producing insulin to compensate for the decrease in sugar levels. The sugar in the dessert will be stored in the body as fat because it is not needed at the moment. This leads to weight gain and can cause diabetes.
Therefore, it is better to combine alcohol with foods with a low glycemic index.

9. Olive oil and nuts

foods you shouldn’t combine if you want to stay healthy

This combination is often used in Mediterranean cooking, and in many Italian or Greek salads one can find walnuts or almonds generously seasoned with olive oil. But the fats in the oil and the protein in the nuts do not mix well together and in combination can impair digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as cause bloating.

10. Sweet drinks and pizza

This applies to any heavy foods combined with sodas. The problem with this combination is that the sugar in carbonated drinks increases hunger and dulls the feeling of satiety. The person feels like they haven’t eaten enough and continues to consume heavy foods, which leads to overeating. The regular combination of sugary drinks and heavy foods leads to poor digestion and obesity.

11. Orange juice and cereal bars

foods you shouldn’t combine if you want to stay healthy
These popular foods are useful separately, but not together. The acids in orange juice reduce the activity of the enzymes responsible for breaking down carbohydrates. Because of this, carbohydrates are poorly digested, causing a feeling of heaviness and bloating in the stomach.

12. Beans and cheese

If you love Mexican food, you know that there are many dishes that combine these two ingredients. However, this is not a good combination. Beans have a certain kind of sugar in their composition, for the decomposition of which the human body lacks the necessary enzymes, which in itself causes bloating. And in combination with cheese, which is one of the heaviest foods for digestion, it can lead to gastrointestinal malfunction.

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