Dreams About Fish: Types and Meanings

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Dreaming about fish for a while and not knowing what the meaning could be? In the dream dictionary, dreaming about fish has a very special meaning. These creatures symbolize wealth, energy and well-being, but also freedom, since they are animals that are always moving.

Fish are associated with the natural resources that life offers, with movement and the ability to adapt. This is exactly why when someone says they dreamed of fish, they are immediately attributed a positive dream. But what does it actually mean to dream of fish? We’ll tell you about all possible meanings that dreaming of fish may have.

Meaning of dreams about fish

Dreaming of large fish is a symbol of a good omen. In the dream world, fish have always had relevant symbolism. In some of the ancient civilizations, long before Christianity, this animal was associated with knowledge and wisdom. For some, it even became a sacred animal. Hence, the importance it is given in the dream world.

In general, the meaning of dreams about fish is related to abundance and great opportunities in all respects, but especially to finance. Similarly, those who dream of fish may also interpret their dreams as the desire for freedom or non-conformity. Everything depends on the specific dream.

What does it mean to dream of big fish?

Dreaming of big fish is related to taking an important decision in your life. You may be at a pivotal point where you have to make a decision that could change your life as you know it. It is a time of uncertainty and fear. Therefore, big fish in your dreams can be nervous.

If, in addition, you feel intimidated by the size of the fish in the dream because they are too big, this is related to an inferiority problem. You may not feel ready to take charge of your life, but your dreams say the opposite. 

What does it mean to dream of dead fish?

The presence of dead animals in the dream world never has a positive meaning. What happens when we dream of dead fish? What does our subconsious part want to tell us? In the case of fish, the dream that they are dead, especially floating on the surface of the water, is related to something that is seriously disturbing your emotional well-being. Your dreams warn you about it and encourage you to discover what is not letting you live in peace in order to find a solution.

In the same way, the meaning of dreams about dead fish is also related to feelings of loneliness, bitterness or heartbreak. In short, this kind of dream, although not very pleasant, encourages you to change what is not working in your life to achieve the emotional well-being you need.

To dream that you are scaling fish means that your are changing the way you express your emotions to please others, to reach out to them or connect with them better. You are censoring and harnessing yourself, because you understand that it is easier for you to understand others this way.

What does it mean to dream of goldfish?

Dreaming of goldfish is attributed to a time of happiness and joy, especially if the fish are brightly colored. It will encourage you to look at your life from a different perspective. The fact that the fish you have dreamed of are colored emphasizes their original meaning, that of abundance. Keep in mind that when we talk about abundance, it does not always have to be something material. It can also be emotional or spiritual.

If the colored fish you have been dreaming of are in the sea and not in a fish tank, the meaning of freedom is added to that meaning of complete happiness.

What does it mean to dream of small fish?

Dreaming of small fish is a good omen, because you will experience unforgettable moments. Of course, you will have to take advantage of those moments, because they will not last too long. On the other hand, dreaming about small fish means that you feel in state to take on any challenge, no matter how big. You feel strong enough to overcome any obstacle in your life.

Finally, the meaning of dreams of very small fish is also related to a feeling of sadness in life, although this will disappear quite soon.

What does it mean to dream of catching fish?

Dreaming about catching fish is a warning from the subconscious, because it reflects your current enegy level. If you are actively fishing, it means that you have enough energy to face all the challenges that life throws at you. On the other hand, if you dream that you can’t fish, your subconscious is warning you of your condition. Maybe, you need to stop and rest to get back all the energy you’ve wasted.

On the other hand, if you can’t catch a fish while sleeping, it has to do with failure and the need to try new things to change your life. 

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