Craziest Zodiac Sign: 12 Zodiac Signs Ranked

AstrologyCraziest Zodiac Sign: 12 Zodiac Signs Ranked

12 zodiac signs ranked from craziest to least crazy

Almost all of us have a crazy side of our personality. Some zodiac signs hide it better than others, some are proud of it and some lack it altogether. So, which is the craziest zodiac sign? Based on various astrological studies and opinions, the following ranking of the craziest people by their zodiac sign has been prepared.

Craziness is a rather broad concept. It can be considered as the ability to commit inadequate actions that go beyond logic, demonstration of weirdness and unpredictability, craving for adventures.

1. Gemini

(21 May–20 June)

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Gemini ranks first among the craziest zodiac signs, because it is impossible to predict what they will do the next minute. The unpredictability of people born under this sign is incredible, as they often do the opposite of what’s expected from them.

In fact, Geminis themselves do not know what they are going to do, because their contradictory nature pushes them to the most mind-boggling and crazy things.

It is difficult for them to cope with themselves. Frequent mood swings, tantrums are usual thing for Gemini. Their unbalanced nature and developed intelligence made of them real virtuosos of crazy actions and one of the craziest zodiac signs.

A Gemini would easily get away with any wrongdoing considering how crazy they are, so it’s better to watch out and not even try to mess with them.

Their dual personality gives them the ability to change from super smart to crazy in a matter of seconds. They are unpredictable and you never really know what’s hiding behind their perfect smile.

The indiscriminate spending habit of Gemini leads to financial instability. Over the course of their lives, they can become rich and poor several times over.

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked
It is vital for Gemini to be constantly engaged in something, they love to be the center of attention, bring excitement and childlike enthusiasm to any gathering

2. Sagittarius

(22 November–21 December)

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Their desire for a success, career and love life is the basis of Sagittarians’ creaziness. They will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals in all the three areas, and sometimes they even go against themselves.

They also have a short fuse and when it fires, it’s difficult to say what they are capable of. They never hesitate to take revenge on those who irritates them. In our opinion, Sagittarius can be the meanest zodiac sign at times.

The king of noisy parties, who constantly needs company. But at the peak of the party Sagittarius can leave the general fun to realize a new idea or go in search of unexplored sensations. At such moments, don’t even try to stop them. Otherwise you’ll get to know the unbalanced character of the fiery friend—Sagittarians are known for their inadequacy and are always the first to attack.

Tactfulness should not be expected from Sagittarius. In the end, Sagittarians will ask to forgive them for what was done, but they will never ask permission or restrict themselves during their reckless actions.

An innocent encroachment on personal freedom can also provoke inappropriate behavior in Sagittarius. Especially when it comes to travel and adventure.

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked
Sagittarius strives for popularity and appreciation of their achievements from those who a close to them

3. Aries

(21 March–19 April)

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

The honorable third place among the craziest zodiac signs Aries is awarded for their tendency to extremes, action, fantastic persistence and courage. Crazy plans are normal thing for this sign, and Aries carry them out to surprise others. Aries cannot retreat—this is the crazy side of Aries.

Rules are made to be broken—that’s what you’ll hear if you ask anyone born under the Aries sign. They are not born to bow to the outside world, they bend the outside world to suit them.

They are worth their weight in gold but when they feel unappreciated and used, they show their nasty side. They will not be able to control their temper and there is no telling what they are capable of when they lose their temper.

And it is impossible to stop Aries: impulsiveness and stubbornness are the main features of their character. And if you will allow youreself to hurt the child of Mars, expect a crushing blow, including physical violence. The militant Aries will devastate you. After a while, they will be merry and lively again.

Crazy traits would be good to use in extreme sports, like rock climbing.

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked
To be inspired by a new idea and ignite other people is more important for Aries than implementing it to the end

4. Virgo

(23 August–22 September)

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

With Virgo, there are only two roads to take—their way or the highway. They are perfectionists to the core and they have their own preconceived notions of how everything should be.

Of course, life isn’t perfect and nothing ever goes as planned and so Virgo’s short temper is bound to the surface.

They will complain, nag, scream and rant while trying to convince people to see things from their perspective. Acting crazy when they’re irritated is what Virgo is extremely good at.

Representatives of the sign are probably surprised to find themselves fourth in the list of crazy people. Virgo, on the other hand, is sensible, intelligent, critical. This is certainly true, but due to these qualities and temperament, which representatives of the sign skillfully hide, they are able to make the most original decisions. Calculate everything to the smallest detail and pull such a stunt that even crazy Gemini will be surprised.

If you want to see the crazy level of emotion of a Virgo, hurt their honor or infringe on the reputation of loved ones. And run away at once! Remember: in the list of the most famous criminals, the representatives of this sign are not the last. It is better to keep friendly relations with them.

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked
Virgo does not know how to rest passively. The best kind of relaxation for them is a change of activity

5. Scorpio

(23 October–21 November)

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

When it comes to Scorpios, they are always in chaos. And if you ask them, it’s never their fault. They have created a distorted image in their head that they are just a victim of circumstances.

On the other hand, if someone really hurts a Scorpio, they don’t hesitate for a second to retaliate. Getting someone to taste their own medicine is what Scorpios do best. Scorpio is someone you definitely don’t want to irritate, trust us.

The only thing that can turn a cold-blooded and shrewd Scorpio into an uncontrollable madman is jealousy. The fact that the representatives of this sign bite everyone and everything (and themselves as well) is only a defense.

Scorpios show their true emotions only in front of people they know well. It is always a bravado of sarcastic words and a tornado of passion. And it’s you who are the only one to blame for everything that happens, because Scorpio is the eternal victim.

Representatives of this sign are great possessors. If they find out about cheating or notice innocent flirting—there will be no mercy. Jealousy owns the mind of these people completely and therefore pushes them to the most reckless actions. Scorpions are leaders among crazy exes, because they do not let go the object of their passions almost never.

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked
Scorpios are constantly self-destructive and self-eating if they do not find a use for their skills

6. Aquarius

(20 January–18 February)

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

When it comes to Aquarius, they are so incredibly intelligent that it’s frightening. Whatever they do, they can come up with such an incredibly good explanation for why everything had to be their way that you can’t argue with it. They’re smart enough to get away with their wrongdoings.

The best architect of air castles, a mad professor looking centuries ahead—this is how Aquarius is briefly characterized. Fantasizing and soaring in the clouds is a favorite activity of representatives of the sign. They insanity manifest themselves only in the originality of thinking and extravagant actions.

Uranus is the patron of non-standard people, so Aquarius likes to be different from others, which takes crazy forms: piercings, tattoos all over the body, shocking attire or reading poetry in a crowded bus.

But experimenting with reason and logic, representatives of the sign are harmless and fun. They are trusting madmen who are very easy to deceive. They adore positivity, which is often the reason for their crazyness. In pursuit of rainbow emotions, Aquarians can alienate themselves from the people closest to them.

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked
Aquarius is a bright individualist who is prone to mood swings, suffers from a lack of self-discipline, has a stormy temperament and determination

7. Leo

(23 July–22 August)

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Impulsive, impatient, competitive, hell-bent, dominant and unpredictable are only half of what Leo is and that’s more than enough.

Basically, they’re real sweeties but when they’re irritated, the whole world will know about it.

The craziness of the proud Leo is a mania for constant attention and a desire for praise for even minor actions.

If these components are not enough, Leo will do crazy things that do not fit into the framework of being normal. Leos will throw a super party for the only purpose that they are not forgotten, will get really drunk and will say a lot of nasty things. If you give them what they want, you’ll see an affectionate Lion shining brighter than the sun.

Leo’s irrepressible temperament needs fame and praise, otherwise expect crazyness. And it is very difficult for them to stop if they want something.

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked
The strong, sensitive and loving nature of Leos is often influenced by emotions

8. Capricorn

(22 December–19 January)

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Absolute self-confidence, stubbornness and career orientation often drive Capricorns to psychosis. They know everything about life: how to live and work, where to rest and keep their savings.

Capricorns are rarely emotional, as showing feelings would disturb their carefully constructed world.

Capricorn is really something special. They are vigilant, observant and dominating. So it’s no wonder that their creaziness is something that other people feel.

They take pride in the craziness they’ve done, and they can boast of a few. Making mistakes is part of their life, and Capricorn is not afraid of them because, according to them, they are part of the lesson of life.

It’s a learning process, they’re right, but they have a knack for making the same mistake multiple times (just to make sure it was a mistake) which eventually may drive them completely crazy.

If your supervisor is a representative of this sign, don’t expect any indulgences. You will have to work from morning till night. They maniacally controls your every move. They are crazy workaholics and careerists who do not tolerate obstacles, which may be very dangerous.

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked
Determination, resilience in difficulties, responsibility—these are strong qualities of Capricorns

9. Cancer

(21 June–22 July)

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

They are emotional and empathetic and they are incapable of harming another person, even if they have behaved badly.

Cancers have a big heart—they approach all difficult situations with understanding and the intention to forgive. They believe that an open-hearted conversation will produce much better results than fighting.

Mysterious and outwardly withdrawn Cancer, which is impossible to pull out of a strong shell. However, under the influence of their imagination, they may turn into the opposite. It is about representatives of this sign they say “still water runs deep.” Cancer can demonstrate sudden change of mood, when they are capable of the most incredible things.

Intuition rules the mind of people born under this sign. From a devoted family man Cancer can turn into a crazy winded reveler. Outwardly shy and affable, he can initiate or participate in a massive brawl.

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked
Cancer shows both caution and curiosity when encountering a new phenomenon or person

10. Pisces

(19 February–20 March)

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Pisceans are daydreaming and emotional, and you would think they are a bit crazy. You’d expect that, but you’d be wrong.

Pisces are loving, not belligerent, and they rarely show their crazy side. They would rather drown their sorrows in art or wine and make peace with the situation as it unfolds than make a big deal out of the situation.

Pisces are a bit cowardly, so outbursts of emotion scare them, as well as uncommon actions. Pisceans are capable of crazy actions only if someone needs help. Then they will step over their own interests.

Representatives of the sign can also be reckless during times of emotional stress. Then, Pisces completely loses their mind. Panic completely overwhelms their mind. In ordinary situations, they prefer to go with the flow and philosophize.

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked
A tendency to laziness, acting ability, and risk-taking often make Pisces adventurers, swindlers, or thieves

11. Taurus

(20 April–20 May)

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Although there are days when Taureans’ mental health can be questioned, these days are rare.

When they do occur, they are related to their impulsive and passionate side. Basically, they react without having all the facts at hand and jump to conclusions.

Yet, no one would ever consider them to be crazy. They are usually cool, calm and organized.

Rational and calculating Taurus does not like eccentricities and adventures. Taurus is lazy, so they don’t find it necessary to spend their effort being crazy. Moreover, rash actions may result in financial losses. Like Capricorn, Taurus can irritate others by their stubbornness.

Crazy stubborn people will go along, staying the course, even if it’s the wrong one. Taurus will not even listen to convincing arguments about the inadequacy of the chosen path.

Taureans are also notable for their love for luxury and comfort. Here, their craziness reaches its climax—they are passionate, even crazy, shopaholics. They are crazy at making money and squandering it.

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked
Taurus embodies the principle of love for life and its benefits

12. Libra

(23 September–22 October)

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

For Libra, it’s all about balance, so it’s not surprising that they are the least crazy of all the zodiac signs in our rating. They hate drama and they avoid fights at all costs.

They think before they act and they always try to see things from another perspective. They are the people who promote peace and advocate calm and harmonious life. Creaziness is not their vibe.

They are passionate about finding harmony and balance, which is also crazy in its own way. Libras lose their mind if only they are seducing an object of the opposite sex. And they are masters of seduction!

Libras may even allow themselves to be mean, for example, spread gossip. The tendency to pathos and entourage may also drive the prudent representatives of this sign crazy.

Libras never want to disturb the balance and/or squabble, they prefer seamless diplomacy. Therefore, Libras are the most predictable in the whole spectrum of the zodiac signs.

craziest zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked
Libra is the calmest sign, but they are also no strangers to adventure

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