Anti-Inflammatory Vegetarian Recipes That Are MD-Approved

Sometimes, all I want from my food is fulfilling a craving. But other times, I fully expect what’s on my plate to come with superpowers—primarily...

The Very Best Coffee Beans, According to a Food Scientist

While there’s nothing wrong with a no-frills bag of coffee beans, taking the time to learn how to choose the best coffee beans makes all...

6 Best Refrigerator Foods for Longevity

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. There’s not a long list of rules you need to follow, or a complicated diet plan to stick...

7 Chlorella Benefits for Nutrition and Health You Should Know

I love popping into my neighborhood juice shop because they always seem to be adding something buzzy to their blender. Collagen, moringa, lion’s mane…they know...

My Grandma’s Old Recipes Help Keep Her Memory Alive

Bean water. That’s what we all called my grandmother’s “pasta fazuul”: bean water. The memory still sends my cousins, sister, and I cackling in a...

10 Vegetarian Indian Recipes Full of Fiber and Flavor

As someone who tries to follow a plant-based eating plan—and is also dairy-free—trying a new restaurant’s takeout is always a bit stressful. I have to...
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