God effect Megaharbor

The God Effect: Why Does Religion Produce Saints And Maniacs?

Religion begets both merciful saints and fanatics killers. Could such an unusual combination depend on the level of dopamine in our brain? Certain neural networks and chemical compositions...
evolution megaharbor

Unintelligent design: How evolution has made our bodies imperfect

In the fairly ordinary movie "Man of the Year”, comedian Robin Williams plays a TV host who, thanks to a chain of strange circumstances, becomes the President...
facts on megaharbor

10 Interesting And Fascinating Facts

You can't know everything. But you will find some interesting and unexpected facts about the world in this article.
Megaharbor Kama Sutra

Religion 18+: How is Kama Sutra related to snakes?

Scientists of the University of Bristol found 13th century Kama Sutra in library archives. The book was designed for kings. The richly illustrated ancient edition contains descriptions...

Charles Manson: The Hollywood Butcher

Even in the drug-drenched, hippie seventies, this mass murder shocked America. A perverted maniac, a madman who fancied himself a prophet, Charles Manson and his rabid followers...
Hitler English Lover

Unity Mitford: The Fuhrer’s English Rose

In 1930s of the 20th century, when the world was threatened by another world war, an English aristocrat became interested in Nazi ideas and became an ardent...

Spanish Flu: Deadlier Than COVID-19

Many different diseases affect people on Earth. But history knows only one disease that took 100 million lives in 1 year. It is the Spanish flu. The...

5 infectious diseases that mankind has eradicated

In the midst of a pandemic, it is forgotten that people have managed to defeat the most dangerous diseases that have ravaged entire countries. Scientists estimate that...
darknet megaharbor

The Darknet: The Rise and Fall of the Silk Road

The Hidden Wiki site has keys to the hidden Internet. To access them, you will need a browser with access to Tor services. You can use Tor...
science beliefs megaharbor

Why Do We No Longer Believe in Science?

Vaccinations are the government’s tags to keep track of you. Global warming does not exist. The Earth is flat and supported by turtles. After the heyday of...
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