‘Soul’ Movie Review: Pixar’s Lesson on Life, and How to Live It

What is “soul”? Is it that feeling you get when you tap into the flow between emotion and expression, the spiritual and the physical? Is it something...

‘The Midnight Sky’ Movie Review: Directed by George Clooney

In George Clooney’s Midnight Sky, now streaming on Netflix, a cataclysmic event has happened on Earth, and a scientist named Augustine Lofthouse (played by Clooney) has decided...

Director Steve McQueen on the Making of ‘Small Axe’

Steve McQueen’s five-film opus Small Axe concludes with today’s release of Education, the story of a boy named Kingsley (Kenyah Sandy), whose difficulty with reading has him...

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Movie Review

The opening scene of Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman 1984 is a lesson: Shortcuts to greatness, cheating at the expense of others, will get you nowhere. It’s all...
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