What is a Grand Cross in astrology? We explain all 3

When you get an astrological reading, you might well be introduced to new words and phrases that mean absolutely nothing to you. Some that sound ominous might...

Jupiter sextile sun transit this week allows optimism, growth

This week begins with compelling prospects afoot. The Virgo full moon directly opposes the sun in Pisces on Monday, March 9, at 11:37 p.m., just less than...
mars in scorpio

Mars In Scorpio

The planet Mars blends perfectly with the sign of Scorpio. Previously, before the discovery of Pluto, Mars was considered the main ruler of this sign. Currently, Mars...
Best Zodiac Sign

Which Is the Best Zodiac Sign?

Astrology is the science that studies the relationship between the movement of the stars and planets in the sky and the internal and external life of a...
aries in love

Aries In Love: The Seal of Mars

Aries in love behaves honestly: no hints, hidden manipulations and pitfalls—all this is not for the representatives of this sign. Aries expects the same approach to relationship...
mars in aries

Mars In Aries

Aries is a fast sign, acting instinctively. These qualities can also be attributed to the position of Mars in Aries. People with Mars in Aries are impulsive,...
mars in taurus

Mars In Taurus

People with Mars in Taurus are usually calm and relaxed. They almost always remain calm and sensible, and it is difficult to make them mad. However, if...
mars in gemini

Mars In Gemini

If your Mars is in Gemini, you may lack concentration and get distracted easily. It’s not your fault—your Mars gets bored quickly and seeks new impressions! Gemini is...
mars in cancer

Mars In Cancer

Mars in Cancer makes people passive-aggressive. As a rule, these people do not like changes and strive for calm and balance. They avoid problems and disputes in...
mars in leo

Mars In Leo

Mars in Leo gives people a constant desire to do something. They are active, resourceful and strive for creativity in any form. Such people strive for a...
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