Astrology for Career: the Seal of Saturn

astrology for career

Do you know that you can use astrology for career? Below are the most common career paths for the 12 zodiac signs. But don't forget, that you birth chart is unique! In addition to reading common descriptions, don't forget to evaluate the quality of your 10th house ruler and your planets in this house (this depends on your date and time of birth).



Aries are strong enough to succeed in many areas, but their inherent directness is more appropriate in the military than in politics. People born under this sign simply do not have the flexibility and cunning necessary to realize their talents in diplomacy without making deadly enemies.

Being creative natures, Aries can make an artistic career in the broadest sense of the word; good luck can wait for them both on the stage and in the sculptor's studio. In their youth, the most ambitious representatives of this sign are blinded by the desire for power and glory, which works against them: Aries prefers to dream of a beautiful future, rather than work to achieve goals.

Aries subordinates are hard to manage: they love freedom and ignore labor discipline, and their interest in their work is unstable. On the other hand, in a difficult situation, Aries show their best side and can become extremely hardworking, resourceful, real “crisis managers” or something like this.



Taureans are excellent, absolutely irreplaceable workers who are not deterred by monotonous or tiresome work. They can stay calm in the midst of hustle and conflict.

Taurus are gifted with outstanding mathematical abilities, work accurately and meticulously—they are able to succeed in banking and accounting. They also make excellent auditors and skilled clerks.

Invariably, Taurus is also attracted to agriculture, gardening, and growing flowers. Even if Taurus does not want to work on a farm, they will sell it profitably, like no other, because they really value land and real estate, and are able to understand complex issues of inheritance and taxation. In addition, Taureans are endowed with outstanding business intuition, so they are able to become a leader as intelligent as a subordinate. The only weakness of the Taurus employee is that they can't make a decision without delay if the situation requires it. Even worse, they can't even evaluate someone else's advice quickly.

Creative Taureans find themselves in music, poetry and art, but they usually follow traditions and do not seek new ways of self-expression. As a result, they rarely achieve real fame. However, they are not particularly interested in it—people of this sign prefer a stable income.



Geminis are artistic. They seem to belong on stage, in the limelight. However, we must not forget that they cannot separate the invented experiences from the real ones, so for Gemini, a theatrical career can be dangerous.

Gemini's studies in science are successful, and mostly theoretical. People of this sign easily assimilate new knowledge. They are fond of progressive ideas and do not reject controversial theses until they test them in practice.

Gemini usually become good lawyers and teachers. In general, they are attracted to all areas of life associated with public speaking and requiring attention at the same time.

Gemini is usually endowed with tact and diplomacy, and is able to succeed in politics, but a seemingly brilliant career can collapse due to a mistake made in their youth.

Trading is another area in which Gemini can excel. They believe that they are guided in their decisions by intuition, but, in fact, they manage to simultaneously take into account many different facts, and they make a decision surprisingly quickly.



Among Cancers, there are many people who have a so-called scientific mindset—they enjoy studying and comparing facts, deducing patterns, and analyzing the phenomenon. Cancer's favorite area is history. A commitment to antiquity also helps them become unique experts in the field of antiques, and Cancers in their assessments are based on facts, rather than on the aesthetic impression of the thing.

Cancer’s imagination is strong, but the whims of creative nature are alien to them. Cancer's ability to keep secrets and inspire confidence in people makes them excellent lawyers, attorneys, as well as psychologists and psychiatrists.

Cancers are not unlucky in gambling, so they make better businessmen than players. In addition, Cancers are very responsible for their work, perform their duties conscientiously and scrupulously, so they are valued and respected, no matter what position they hold.

Cancers are attracted to work on the land—they make excellent gardeners and thrifty farmers. In addition, Cancers are very serious about food, and become excellent cooks if they manage to overcome the instinctive desire to use products that were not eaten the day before.



Whatever the Leo’s position in life, they strive to dominate. If they don’t have enough skills to succeed in business, Leo can, for example, choose the teacher’s path because there will always be people who will listen to what they say. Other fields that Leos usually choose are politics and psychiatry. It is interesting that, striving for power, Lions can hardly say exactly what they crave more—to satisfy their own ambitions or make those who suffer happier. Leos sincerely wish everyone well.

If Leo has managed to become the head of an enterprise, whether it is a tiny firm or a huge corporation, they will gladly take on negotiations and search for new partners; planning, accounting for expenses and routine tasks are too boring for them.

The success of Leos in business can be hindered, perhaps, by two qualities—their too frivolous attitude to money and a complete inability to face competition. For example, is extremely difficult to convince Leos to spend money on advertising: they are confident in their superiority over others and believe that this is already known to everyone. However, Leos spare no expense on office decoration and corporate events, while the money might be spent more wisely.



Smart, hard-working and responsible Virgos are able to achieve success in any field. Their insight and ability to draw accurate conclusions are indispensable in business, but they will also be useful in other areas.

Virgos’ commitment to harmony and perfection in everything makes them excellent critics, and can also bring success where others need to correct or improve what others have done, whether it's editorial work, evaluating construction projects, or consulting.

Virgos become excellent doctors who have not only extensive and deep knowledge, but also sincere sympathy for the patient, as well as a strong desire to ease the patient’s suffering. By the way, there are many Virgos who are able to treat people with non-traditional methods or, at least, diagnose the disease without a special examination.

The most attentive and diligent Virgos excel in auditing, accounting or legal activities, but they do not have enough drive and pressure to succeed in politics. In addition, Virgos are excellent when you need to monitor compliance with existing laws, but they are absolutely not inclined to develop legislation themselves.



Physical labor in any form is strictly contraindicated for Libra: this sign generates thinkers, not workers. Excessive exercise is more likely to undermine the health of Libra than increase their viability.

Libras are more likely to succeed in commerce. But they usually do not become brilliant businessmen—their interest in money is moderate. They lack in bulldog business acumen. In addition, business often requires quick decisions, which is extremely difficult for Libra to make.

But the ability to rationally reason and assess a situation from different sides makes Libra very useful in lawmaking and public activities. In general, they are able and love to think through the future in small details. That is why they usually become excellent designers, science fiction writers or futurologists.

Libra should choose a narrow specialization, since a wide profile of activities negatively affects their intellectual abilities. Having a penchant for medicine, a person born under this sign will become an excellent specialist in their field, but outside of it they will feel extremely insecure.

The career of Libra usually develops unevenly, as a series of ups and downs, but with a very small amplitude and smooth transitions. Libra is usually endowed with creative potential, but they are often prevented from becoming artists bearing in mind those of them whose genius the world noticed too late. Fearing poverty, Libra usually chooses a more practical occupation, and, thanks to the ability to study the subject deeply and accumulate knowledge, they achieve success.



Scorpios have the gift of influencing people, and they are also very good orators. As a result, there are many sales consultants, insurance agents, and politicians among them. But they should not be content with this: the personality of Scorpios is multifaceted, they make outstanding philosophers, bright artists, and brilliant occultists.

In addition, the ability to negotiate even with the most capricious and demanding partner turns Scorpios into good peacemakers who can settle any conflict.

Scorpios are successful in medicine, especially in diagnostics. In addition, they are ready to use non-traditional methods of treatment and successfully perform risky operations.

There are many inventors among Scorpios, but, unfortunately, few implementers. Meanwhile, Scorpio can triumph in various knowledge-intensive industries.



Sagittarian’s career is usually uneven. It seems to contradict their nature—not all of them are able to focus and do the same thing for a long time. Sagittarians try not to limit themselves to one specialty, starting their life from scratch over and over again. Hard work and concentration help them succeed in almost any endeavor, but the closer the top is, the more Sagittarians are drawn to do something that they haven’t tried before.

For the most active and fearless Sagittarians, most suitable professions are those that scare away other people: policemen, firefighters, rescuers, military journalists, soldiers, pilots or divers—this is what Sagittarians may become if their choice is not restricted.

Many Sagittarians are inclined to music—they become composers, performers or instrument makers.

Sagittarius are players by nature, and those of them who do not realize this tendency in business, usually become casino regulars or stock exchange bigwigs. Although Sagittarians are usually lucky in gambling, easily earned money instantly flows through their fingers.

Sagittarians usually suffer from inactivity. Therefore, work or other type of activity is an integral part of their life, forcing them to sacrifice not only their free time, but also the interests of their family.



Being people of the earth sign, many Capricorns achieve professional success in such areas as mining, construction, and agriculture. Others, devoid of the research spirit, but not the sense of beauty, become unsurpassed experts in the field of antiques. Others, driven by ambition and a thirst for power, turn to politics or administrative work.

Perseverance, accuracy, responsibility and patience make Capricorn a valuable employee for their superiors, but colleagues will consider Capricorn a competitor rather than a nice person. Capricorns achieve the best results when they work alone.

Capricorn managers can be despotic and overly demanding. The most cunning do not spare time to communicate with subordinates, study their weaknesses and strengths, and become shameless manipulators.

Capricorns are more likely to be envious of successful businessmen and indefatigable pioneers. They hate anything risky—a haphazard deal, a dubious adventure or a rash step. Striving to preserve what has been achieved, Capricorns mostly accumulate real wealth in the mature or even old age.



Aquarians often dream of a career as an entrepreneur. However, in reality it is more profitable for them to remain employees: in this case, they are more responsible and achieve better results.

In general, Aquarius lacks the willpower to cope with themselves and the thick skin that would protect their tender soul from the influence of the world around them. As a result, business is not for them. In addition, people born under this sign rarely take even a justified risk.

But there are quite a lot of famous people among them—literature and art give them much more opportunities to express themselves than business.

Aquarians can achieve success in areas that require contact with people—journalism, sociology, teaching, but they will never give themselves up to work with all their heart. They need to be alone from time to time, so Aquarians who have chosen public professions often arrange long vacations that they prefer to spend in secluded places.

Aquarians make fine psychologists and good therapists, consultants on various issues, guides and travel agents. In addition, there are many scientists among them, often with strikingly broad horizons of knowledge.



No matter how helpless Pisces may seem, the scope of areas where they can succeed is quite wide. Their natural kindness and compassion often lead them to medicine or education. Imagination opens the way for Pisces to art. They are also prone to anything unusual—experimental and occult sciences.

Pisces can rarely be seen among the prominent businessmen and billionaires who have made their own fortunes: they do not pursue fame, prestige, or wealth, but are content to provide themselves with a “normal standard of living.” Pisceans do not survive in competition; in order to overcome the path to success, they need support, a firm hand to push them forward.

Among Pisces, there are real workaholics, but, as a rule, they simply want to escape from reality. The Pisces scientist will work for days in the laboratory, perhaps simply because they feel uncomfortable at home.

Nowadays, the talents of Pisces are used in advertising and the entertainment industry. Pisces won’t manage a factory or a bank, but they can manage a radio station or TV studio. Their interest in travel and the ability to share impressions makes Pisces excellent journalists or travel agents. In addition, Pisces are rarely very attached to their homeland—they can work for several years in a foreign country.

Many Pisces become priests and monks to realize their desire to help people; others turn to charitable activities for the same purpose.


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