Aries In Love: The Seal of Mars

aries in love

Aries in love behaves honestly: no hints, hidden manipulations and pitfalls—all this is not for the representatives of this sign. Aries expects the same approach to relationship from their partner. Aries will rather prefer solitude than hold on to a person in whom they are not sure. Love for Aries is more important than everyday comfort and anything material.

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Aries will never behave hypocritically for the sake of profit and prospects. Aries' love is not for sale.

At the same time, Aries is very generous, but they will never seek the favor of another person with gifts or something like this—the need pure feelings and sincere interest. Passion is important for Aries, but it is not the determining factor in a relationship.

If their lover behaves dishonestly, Aries will quickly cool down to such person. Then, neither the attractiveness of their partner, nor stunning sex will save this sinking ship. All or nothing—this is the motto of Aries when it comes to love.

Aries man in love

In love, the Aries man clearly expresses his feelings and is not afraid of rejection. This is not the kind of person who will spend months looking at a girl and thinking about whether to make an acquaintance. If they have an interest, they will immediately show it and decide whether to continue communicating. Women like this type of men's behavior, and Aries does not suffer from lack of attention, but does not take advantage of the situation. He needs one partner—a constant and reliable one. If the Aries man is lucky to meet just such a woman, such union promises to be long and lasting. If he is disappointed in love, he will not decide on a new relationship soon.

Aries man in marriage

The Aries man chooses his wife with his heart. He sees her as a person, rather than judging her by her ability to run a household or her financial capabilities. He needs a loyal companion to talk to on any topic, one who will love him and their children. For his family, the Aries man tries as best he can. He does his best to ensure domestic comfort and decent living conditions. Sometimes, for the sake of this purpose, he has to sacrifice spending more time with his wife and children. If his spouse does not show understanding with respect to his job, this will hurt the self-esteem of Aries and may cause conflicts. Becoming a workaholic, Aries first of all thinks about the welfare of his family, and not about the career ladder and satisfaction of his own ambitions. Aries is jealous and sometimes unreasonably suspicious. His wife should not provoke her husband trying to attract his attention in this way—it can even be dangerous. We are talking about the most determined and stubborn representative of the fire element which may cause a natural disaster.

Aries woman in love

The Aries woman in her personal life behaves decisively. She chooses a life partner for herself, her affection can neither be won by persistent courtship, nor bought with gifts. For many years, this lady remains loyal to her choice. She does not look around, does not flirt out of boredom or for profit with other men, and does not even have a backup plan of action in case the lover decides to break up with her. The Aries woman can be completely dissolved in her love relationships—this is her weakest point. But by nature, she is a leader. Sometimes she can make decisions for two people without consulting her life partner. Of course, she only does this for the best of reasons, but men do not always like this behavior. If the Aries woman's union fails, she is in no hurry to make new acquaintances. Being jealous and distrustful for no apparent reason, she becomes even more withdrawn after a failed relationship.

Aries woman in marriage

The Aries woman is very serious about marriage. Wedding for Aries women is not just a beautiful holiday and the satisfaction of their ambitions, as is the case with some girls, but the creation of a strong union for many years with a loved one. Becoming a wife, she is well aware of not only her rights, but also her responsibilities. The Aries woman is caring, thrifty, able to combine work, family life and sometimes even creativity, while not neglecting any of these areas of life. The longer this lady lives with her husband, the more she values family relations. This is the rare case when husband becomes for a woman not just a sexual and domestic partner, but the very second half that many people dream of all their lives. The only bad thing in this situation is that the husband for the lady of this sign means much more than she actually does for him. However, she is very thoughtful and feels deception immediately, and therefore can react in time to any potential trouble.

Compatibility of Aries in love with other signs

The behavior of Aries in love depends not only on them. For a more accurate forecast, you need to consider the zodiac sign of your partner.

♈ Aries + ♈ Aries

The compatibility of two Aries in love is quite complicated. This is what happens when one partner complements the other with similar qualities. For this reason, conflicts of interest are unavoidable, especially if a struggle for leadership begins. Mutual understanding between Aries and Aries is possible only if they both pursue a common goal and, at the same time, distribute responsibilities in advance and discuss the scope of what is allowed. Bearing in mind that Aries is not only a purposeful person, but also a highly intelligent one, this option is quite real.

♈ Aries + ♉ Taurus

Quite a good union, but there are contradictions. If we consider only personal life, then both Aries and Taurus seek to find a permanent partner and do not look for adventures on the side. Representatives of both signs are straightforward and honest. They express their wishes in plain text. In the event of a conflict, they express their dissatisfaction on the spot, so there is no wall of misunderstanding between them. The main snag of this union is that Aries does not like to stand still, while Taurus is conservative and, sometimes, absurdly sticks to their way of life. Aries should use a gentler approach, but they are prone to using other methods.

♈ Aries + ♊ Gemini

Quite an interesting union of two multi-faceted personalities. The relationship between Aries and Gemini is unlikely to be cloudless, but these people will definitely not be bored in each other's company: they are both active and sociable, have creative inclinations, and also show interest in everything unusual and new. A stumbling block may be jealousy on the part of Aries. Justified or not, it doesn't really matter—there will be conflicts. Gemini is one of the most charming signs of the zodiac, who also loves flirting and does everything to look attractive. Aries is jealous and isn't always gentle when angry. As for the Geminis, they behave more diplomatically and, in most situations, mitigate the conflicts that they themselves provoke.

♈ Aries + ♋ Cancer

In general, a very pleasant couple. Both try their best for their relationship, strive for stability and do not look for adventures on the side. The leader in this union is likely to be Aries, but Cancer is unlikely to object. Taking the initiative, Aries is guided by common sense, not a momentary impulse. That is why Cancer is eager to support the spouse's aspirations. A representative of the fire element is jealous, but Cancer gives almost no reason for jealousy. Usually, such unions are strong and suit both partners for many years.

♈ Aries + ♌ Leo

Representatives of these signs usually get along well with each other, because they lead a similar lifestyle. These people are sociable and active, they are not afraid of changes. They do everything to change their lives for the better. Problems may arise if Aries and Leo start to find out who is the owner of the house. It is easier for them to avoid such a situation than to deal with the consequences of a quarrel, but they are both ambitious and do not want to make concessions in any, even in the most petty conflict. Also, the cause of quarrels can be jealousy of Aries. Leo is charming and charismatic, and, therefore, enjoys attention of the opposite sex. If Leo goes too far, Aries will not tolerate this, and they will break up.

♈ Aries + ♍ Virgo

The love union of Aries and Virgo can hardly be called successful—they are too different. The representative of the fire element is active and loves social events, while Virgo has a calmer temperament. It may seem that they can agree here, but everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. It is important for Aries to feel desired—they need their partner's approval and attention. Virgo is colder. They express treir feelings in a very restrained manner—that's why Aries may begin to think that they are not loved. Aries is loyal to their chosen one and, even in their thoughts, they do not allow themselves to flirt. It turns out that one person in this couple suffers from the deficit of attention, while the other suffers from the fact that this very attention is required. We should say that temperament of these people are absolutely not compatible.

♈ Aries + ♎ Libra

The love compatibility of Aries and Libra is ambiguous: much depends on the gender and age of both partners. Aries is a leader by nature, but Libra does not have a strong character and prefers to go with the flow. If Libra is a young girl, and Aries is a mature man, the relationship will be successful. If Aries is a woman, she will demand much more from her Libra husband than he can offer her. She will put pressure on him, and the couple may break up. Another complication is that Libra is too mysterious for Aries. A representative of the fire element likes clarity in everything, while indecisive Libra tends to be ambiguous in conversations, thereby causing distrust on the part of their jealous companion. These people will need time and patience to get used to and understand each other. If their feelings are really serious, they will overcome everything together.

♈ Aries + ♏ Scorpio

Emotional union of two passionate creatures—but there is no emotional closeness, no friendly interest. Violent quarrels, scenes of jealousy may be expected. But this couple has a good sexual compatibility, which usually keeps the relationship. Their marriage can be a strong union if both spouses are completely immersed in work. Joint business is also possible. In financial matters, they have a complete understanding.

♈ Aries + ♐ Saggitarius

Aries and Sagittarius understand each other perfectly. These are representatives of the same element, people with similar interests and temperament. Together they will never be bored and their life will not stand still. We can say that their mutual understanding is at the highest level. The only problem may be jealousy on the part of Aries. Sagittarius is really attractive to the opposite sex and knows how to present themselves, but the reproaches of Aries are hardly fair, because Sagittarius knew what they was doing! If Aries begins to harass their life partner with scandals or tries to restrict their freedom, Sagittarius will break up with Aries immediately. Only if these people value their happiness and are willing to make compromises, the union can be strong and lasting.

♈ Aries + ♑ Capricorn

At the beginning of a relationship, these people may think that they have a lot in common, but the closer they get to know each other, the more contradictions arise between them. For a passionate Aries, Capricorn is too cold, too calculating, too secretive… All attempts to get closer come only from the side of Aries. They sincerely want to understand their companion, but Capricorn hardly needs this—that's their temperament type. Even if the relationship is long-term, it is unlikely that it will be trusting and open. As a result, Capricorn may feel fine, but Aries will never be able to feel happy.

♈ Aries + ♒ Aquarius

This union can be peaceful, but under certain conditions. The fact is that Aries has a possessive nature and very high requirements for their partner, while Aquarius is used to living without focusing on anyone. It's not that Aquarius is not responsible, but they simply do not tolerate any rules or restrictions. The leadership of Aries in this case will be disputed, and Aries will take offence. Only if Aries will achieve their goals delicately, without hurting the pride of Aquarius, there is hope for peaceful communication. Aquarius will benefit from this situation. Thanks to Aries, Aquarius may become more serious and organized.

♈ Aries + ♓ Pisces

Of course, there are happy exceptions, but usually such unions do not last long. In the first days of their communication, these people are very attractive to each other: both are sociable, multi-faceted, do not stand still and love everything new. But when they get closer, it becomes clear that everything is not that simple. Pisces have charm and, for a while, Aries shines with happiness and feels great. In fact, Pisces tend to idealize who they are fascinated by at the moment. Most often, their attention is an interest, even if pronounced. Even if the feelings of a representative of the water sign are deep, Aries does not believe that they are serious enough. In addition, Aries likes to make everything clear, while Pisces are too mysterious for Aries. Aries will need to spend a lot of mental effort and time to understand Pisces which they may prefer not to do.


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