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Cupertino-giant and the world’s most valuable tech company, Apple, recently updated its AppleCare+ protection plan with an extensive annual accidental damage coverage for up to twice a year, doubling up the previous once a year coverage of the plan. Apple devices are now eligible for twice the repairs for subscribers who availed and purchased the company’s insurance.

Apple’s AppleCare+ protection plan provides service and support for various devices made by the company. Devices such as the Apple Watch, iPhone, Macs, and even iPads are a part of the protection plan by Apple Care. 

Upon purchasing new Apple devices, customers are given a one-year limited warranty with 90 days of complimentary technical support. AppleCare+ is extended coverage for Apple devices urged by the company to be bought and the devices.

Apple boasts of a one-stop-shop with AppleCare+, saying that the company’s native hardware and software support can identify and fix all the device’s needs and problems. The upcoming iPhone 12, together with the newly released Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad models, will all be included in the updated changes.

According to Mac Rumors, Apple recently updated its AppleCare+ protection plan just today, September 15. Before this update, AppleCare+ has a limited twice every two years or 24 months of coverage for accidental damage and other phone problems.

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AppleCare+ Update: Extended Care from Apple


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Apple’s extensive new plan with AppleCare+ will give customers extra peace of mind with their phone’s service and damages. The company is offering a 24/7 priority access for all subscribers with technical support.

Battery service coverage will also be part of the protection plan and authentic Apple support and coverage. The company’s AppleCare+ promises a worry-free situation despite the damage or problems found on a user’s phone, wildly varying from out-of-shop repair centers who are not Apple certified.

AppleCare+ Benefits

The update also contained a more extensive Theft and Loss protection for the iPhones that only cost $149. Losing a customer’s iPhone due to theft and loss without the possibility of recovering it using iCloud’s ‘Find My iPhone‘ can now be cheaper to replace. Before the update, iPhone replacement under the AppleCare plan costs up to $269.

Minor repairs such as screen damage and touch-screen will cost $49 to $99 for AppleCare+ subscribers but will vary depending on the phone’s damage. Despite the protection plan, AppleCare+ is not a ‘free’ service, so carelessly handling one’s phone might not be ideal and may cost a few extra bucks.

AppleCare+’s Extensive Service

Apple Care

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Apple’s protection plan for its devices offers a safety net for customers who have a hard time using their phones and even those with carefree lifestyles. AppleCare+ is also offered to the United States and Canada a year after the devices’ purchase, in case there is no budget allotment upon purchase.

Different plans are offered to different devices from Apple’s Line-up. Nine devices, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple Display, Apple TV, HomePod, and even Headphones such as the AirPods, are part of the protection plan.

Learn more of the AppleCare+ from its website itself to choose the appropriate plan for your Apple device.

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