Astro Gaming has recently revealed its upcoming 2nd generation of the popular Astro A20 which is a wireless gaming headset preferred by many professionals. The company has just recently dropped a trailer that has gamers all over the world losing their minds!

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The sleek, clean, but very powerful features of this next-generation gaming headset are shown in a YouTube video which have been just recently released. The video is only 45 seconds but indeed packs a punch when it comes to explaining to gamers what they will be getting with the upcoming wireless gaming headset that was made for both the Xbox Series X and the PS5.

A20 Wireless Gaming Headset Features

The brand new A20 includes an increased wireless range of up to 50 feet or 14 meters. Take note, this is wireless so the distance is quite remarkable. The battery is also built to last for up to 15+ hours as per the video and comes with a much more discreet USB transmitter.

Oh yeah, the best thing about this headset is that it retails for $119.99 and is promised to launch sometime in October. This means that you'll only have to wait up to next month if you want to get a hold on this next-generation headset.

The A20 is also designed with lasting comfort and sits perfectly on your head to avoid the irritation of uncomfortable headsets. It also comes with a choice of two different colors. Gamers will be able to pick out either the blue or the green version of this headset.

The video also includes an announcement of cross-platform connectivity which will prove useful later on. It also comes with a flip-to-mute type of mic along with a Game: voice balance which is available for both the Xbox and PC only. It also uses the classic Astro Audio V2 so you won't have to worry that the A20 is all about flash since the sound quality also lives up to its name.

BUY Astro A20 HERE

Other announcements

Astro also announced just today that the studio's very own entire line of powerful gaming headsets is definitely fully compatible with the upcoming PlayStation 5 and also the Xbox Series X which are two consoles that everyone is psyched for. The company also says that some of the headsets might, later on, require a firmware update.

Currently, the A20 wireless gaming headset is still only compatible for both the Xbox One and the PS4. Of course, it is also compatible with the classic PC players so you won't have to worry about not being able to use it if you do not own a PS4 or an Xbox One. This is something that fans are worried about once they update the headset and according to Astro, this should not be a problem.

Written by Urian Buenconsejo

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