A super simple trick from TikTok: how to visually enlarge your breasts in seconds

As summer approaches, the dress gets shorter and the neckline gets deeper. Audrey Victoria in Tik Tok shared a brilliant life hack that has thrilled hundreds of thousands of people. The girl said how she was able to give her breasts impressive volume within minutes without cosmetic surgery or anything else like this.

The video, in which Audrey shares helpful tips on making breast look bigger, was viewed more than a million times. With a few simple moves, any lady can visually enlarge her breasts without plastic surgery.

All you need is an ordinary bralette. Turn it 360 degrees in the middle. This pulls on the retaining strap and connects to the cups.

The tightness effect gives the same result as a push-up bra, but with this trick you can use any bra.

Audrey says, however, that her life hack will not work for bras with strong fastening strips.

The girl shows off the result and it is impressive. Audrey believes that a great idea can change lives, and hundreds of thousands of likes confirm her statement. Users leave admiring comments and thank her for an effective tip.

Audrey often shares hair care tips on Tik Tok. Her page got 13.8 million likes, but the bra video got the most views. Try the effect of a twisted bra!

Meanwhile, more and more women have decided to give up their bra. This is becoming a trend of the season and models on the catwalks of the world boldly parading and revealing their breasts under transparent suits.

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