7 Easy Ways to Improve your Efficiency and Get Everything Done in Time

Latest7 Easy Ways to Improve your Efficiency and Get Everything Done in...

In the crazy pace of life, we have no time for ourselves. Urgent work tasks, unscheduled appointments, business meetings, home things… How to get more done?

We are in a hurry all the time, we strive to be on time everywhere, but we often lose in the fight with time trouble. How to get more work done and find some time for love and the best dating sites 2021? How can you learn to do more without sacrificing the joy of life for your work? This article will show you seven easy life hacks on how to get more done and improve your productivity. Stay tuned to find out more.

How To Be More Productive and Get Things Done?

Tasks for 5 Minutes

When a small task appears in your life, do it right away! Wash the dishes immediately after preparing dinner, unload the washing machine immediately after washing, call a colleague, make an appointment to the doctor. 

So you unload your head and memory from a huge series of thoughts about what you need to do. But there is an exception here too: if suddenly you remember that it is important for you to call and talk to one of your relatives, but at the moment you are at a meeting or do anything more important, mark this task in your diary to complete it later. Your goal is to do things that will not take more than 5 minutes as quickly as possible (or move them into the plan) to get them out of your head. Thus, you will be able to concentrate on more important and large-scale tasks.

7 easy ways to improve your efficiency and get everything done in time

Dedicated Day

Want to know how to get more done at work? Each of us has situations when many household chores accumulate.

It is worth setting aside a special day for tasks not related to work. For example, one Friday every two weeks. The day before, you need to formulate all the things you plan to do on that day. Yes, it might not be the most excellent thing to do on a Friday. However, such small everyday tasks will not knock you out of the main work schedule for the week.

The Key Task of the Day

How to get more done in a day? Every morning, ask yourself the question: “What is my highest priority for this day?” That is, what can you do today to get one step closer to your big goals and dreams? Of course, this does not mean that the rest of the to-do list can be forgotten. But you have a key task, and you should concentrate on it first of all, and then do everything else.

The “Pomodoro” Method

Those who are interested in time management have probably heard of the Pomodoro technique. The method modified by experts lasts 30 minutes: 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest. Before starting the timer, you must make yourself a list of tasks. You can do this in a diary, electronic planner, or just on a piece of paper. 

How to get more things done? Set the timer for 25 minutes and start working. The timer call will signal that you need to switch to 5 minutes of rest. At this time, it is desirable to distract yourself as much as possible. If your work mostly takes place at the computer, then you can get up, drink a couple of glasses of water, call someone close to you for a couple of minutes. But at the end of 5 minutes, you return to work again.

7 easy ways to improve your efficiency and get everything done in time


Every morning can start as we like. Either calmly, smoothly, or in a terrible rush. If you are striving for the first option, rituals can come in handy – constant actions that need to be repeated daily. This can also be referred to as a “day setting.” Wake up one hour earlier than everyone close to you and enjoy the silence alone. Take your time, take a shower, do exercises, read the new chapter of the book, check the plan for the day, and, finally, enjoy a delicious breakfast in silence.

What is it for? To start your day right and create a mood for yourself. Try doing this once or twice a week to get started. If you like it, start introducing these rituals into your daily habit.

Weekly Plan

How to get more stuff done? There should be a plan for the week. It should become a kind of support for you, which allows you to see your life a little more fully and move towards your goals in perspective. Of course, unplanned affairs and meetings will arise – this is normal. But there must be a certain frame of the week.

It is convenient to draw up such a plan on Sundays, including all matters relating to various areas of life. For example, you can schedule some sports on Monday and Wednesday, set aside Friday evening for a date with your loved one, and the weekend for a trip to your parents. Everything must be entered into this schedule – from work meetings to visiting a friend. You can improve the plan during the week.

7 easy ways to improve your efficiency and get everything done in time

Internet Detox

In our age, information comes literally from everywhere. Of course, we are used to this, but still, sometimes we want to take a break from the endless streams of information and be alone with ourselves, our family, our thoughts, and desires.

A day of detox from gadgets is ideal for this. Warn your loved ones that you can only be contacted by phone call. You will be unavailable in all other messengers and social networks the next day.

Imagine you have 24 hours of free time reading books, communicating with loved ones, taking walks and picnics in nature, meeting friends. After all, for yourself – bubble bath, SPA, massage… Is endless flipping through the Facebook feed worth giving up?


We all ask ourselves – how to invent more time in a day, so I can get more done? Of course, there is no need to implement all seven tips in one day – this is impossible. First, pick one or two that appeal to you the most and try to get them into the habit. As soon as you succeed, try others!

What methods do you use to improve your efficiency? Please tell us about them in the comments below.

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