6 Strongest Zodiac Signs vs 6 Weakest Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs ranked from strongest (most powerful) to weakest

Every day, people of all the zodiac signs face choices and challenges that require a strong character. The way we behave in a particular situation reflects our inner strength or weakness. Strong and most powerful zodiac signs are capable of incredible achievements by their nature, while the weakest zodiac signs have to double their efforts to endure.

There are always winners and losers, because some people are stronger than others and reap the fruits of success.

This is normal. If all beings were equally strong, there would be no competition and, probably, no progress of our civilization. That’s why zodiac signs clash in everyday life, because a win-win world is yet to come.

We’ve analyzed the traits of the zodiac signs that give them a competitive advantage over others.

Mars is the planet associated with strength and drive. Its natal chart placement determines the choices we usually make.

Mars is also very important in love affairs. The red planet determines our temperament. If you want to make a career in sports, you need physical strength which is also the realm of Mars.

Personal power also depends on how well your Sun sign agrees with the energy of Mars.

We have prepared a ranking of the strongest, most powerful and weakest zodiac signs for you. So, which is the weakest zodiac sign?

This article answers the following three major questions:

Which zodiac sign is the weakest?

Weaknesses of the zodiac signs make them more vulnerable in real life than others. According to astrology, Cancer is the weakest zodiac sign when it comes to mentality, Pisces is the weakest zodiac sign emotionally, Libra is the weakest zodiac sign physically.

Which zodiac sign is the strongest?

The astrological ranking of the strongest zodiac signs looks like this: Scorpio is the strongest zodiac sign emotionally, while the sign of Aries is the strongest zodiac sign physically. This is the ranking of the zodiac signs based on their will power.

In fact, this is the ranking of the zodiac signs based on their will power.

If you want to know which zodiac sign is the strongest in a fight or which zodiac sign is the strongest physically, read this article.

Which zodiac sign is the most powerful?

Scorpio is the most powerful influencer among the zodiac signs. Capricorn is the most powerful on the social ladder. Libra is the most powerful social balancer. Taurus is the most powerful zodiac sign financially. Leos are superstars of the zodiac reaping the fruits of success.

6 Strongest Zodiac Signs

1. Capricorn

(22 December–19 January)


Capricorn emanates perseverance and constructive energy. In a critical situation, Capricorns always behave like strong leaders. Capricorns are hardworking individuals. They rarely get into arguments, but they can definitely stand up for themselves.

Being a cardinal zodiac sign, Capricorn demonstrates initiative, resourcefulness, and tenacity in addition to great willpower and patience. They know what they want in life from an early age and work hard to get it. Therefore, Capricorn is the strongest zodiac sign.

Astrology explains this as follows. Mars, the planet of energy and drive, expresses the best of its nature in Capricorn—Mars is exalted in this sign. Exaltation is one of the five essential dignities of the planets in Astrology.

The energy of Mars in Capricorn is not emotional—initiative is the form of its expression in this zodiac sign. Capricorns have great diligence, discipline, and responsibility. They have a sense of purpose and do not rely on luck. Definitely, they are not the weakest zodiac sign.

Often, Capricorns determine their main goal in life from an early age and try to do everything to achieve it as soon as possible. Even if they face problems that seem to be very difficult to overcome, Capricorns will do it quickly and without anyone’s help—this is the quality of the strongest zodiac sign.

Ruled by strict Saturn, Capricorns achieve success thanks to their ability to be disciplined and purposeful. They concentrate their energy and use it like a laser beam to hit their target. Focused ambition is the driving force of Capricorn which makes them one of the most powerful zodiac signs in human society.

Politics is probably the best area for Capricorns to attain social power. They move skillfully through the corridors of power, and their conservatism is quite appropriate there. Capricorn is the most powerful zodiac sign when it comes to politics which, in essence, is allocation of values for a society.

Do you know that your Sun sign is not necessarily your strongest zodiac sign?

2. Scorpio

(23 October–21 November)


Scorpios are endowed with a strong natural energy, bordering on the other world. Their strength of character and will is evident in many situations.

Scorpios are brighter than all other zodiac actors—not only the weakest zodiac signs. They have magical powers, which sometimes help them in mundane affairs. Nothing can stop them on the way to achieving their desires. The powerful energy and inner strength of Scorpio is felt even at a distance.

This is a zodiac sign with majestic potential, a huge reserve of vitality and energy. Scorpios are ambitious and goal-oriented individuals who always get everything they want, immediately and easily. The ability to read people, to see through them and the charming hot charisma open all the doors for Scorpios.

Representatives of the zodiacal sign are able to overcome any obstacles, even if they have to use deception and even some fraud. Unique qualities and mental abilities allow Scorpios to easily deal with competitors—that is why Scorpio is the second strongest zodiac sign in our ranking. If this zodiac sign sets a goal for itself, it is sure to achieve it, even if it takes time.

Scorpios reach power because they know from childhood what they want out of life and what they want to become. Scorpios aspire to wealth and are willing to make great efforts to make the dream a reality. They are not afraid of work and are willing to simultaneously engage in several projects. Among them, there are many talented professionals, which helps them to become rich and powerful regardless of their occupation. Yes, Scorpio is among the most powerful zodiac signs.

Your Sun sign is an important, but not the only factor.

3. Aries

(21 March–19 April)


Aries, the most passionate sign of the Zodiac, is endowed with abundant energy which is sufficient to charge everyone around them or breathe life into a sleeping system.

Aries radiates a powerful aura that can incinerate everything around if need be. Aries people are doers and achievers. That is why the stakes are high for them.

Explosive and hot, Aries prefer to act rather than think. But in making decisions, they are guided not so much by their own interests as by the opinion of others. Even if difficulties arise in their life, they try to overcome them with dignity.

Many people ask: is Aries the strongest zodiac sign? Like any other person, life can present the Aries a lot of unpleasant surprises, but even in such moments, they will not give up and will try to fight to the end.

At times, people think that Aries is too hard-hearted, because they rarely show their feelings and even more—they do not share their experiences with others.

In fact, Aries just knows how to cope with their problems on their own and, therefore, they do not need the help and advice of others. That’s why Aries is in the top three of the strongest zodiac signs.

Aries is definitely one of the most powerful zodiac signs, because these people are ruled by the powerful planet Mars and set themselves the task of becoming powerful at any cost. They appreciate friendship and use it to reach their goals. Although Aries does not like hard work, they manage to reach social success and attain power.

Don’t limit your experience with your Sun sign only! There are other actors in your Birth Chart that occupy different zodiac signs and make them stronger or weaker as compared to others.

4. Leo

(23 July–22 August)


Predatory Leos are endowed with strong character and will, associated with the instincts of hunting and trophy. Leos are strong leaders who will not miss their chance. The power of Leos manifests itself where their interest is. Representatives of this zodiac sign are purposeful, successful and determined.

Leos always overcome difficulties on the way to achieving their desires. Leos rightfully consider themselves the best and indispensable. And Leos’ social power is abundant.

Leos are courageous, self-confident and very determined individuals. They clearly know what they want in life and have a plan how to achieve it all. They are confident in their pursuit of their goals.

Because of their desire to be the first everywhere and always, Leos never give up. At first glance, they seem to be strong, self-confident and strong-willed people, ready to do anything to achieve their goals. The only thing that can hinder Leos is their dependence on other people’s opinions. That’s why Leo is not the strongest zodiac sign in our ranking.

By nature, this zodiac sign needs attention and recognition of others, as well as support from other people. Once Leos realize that their persona has been left in the shadows, they may become discouraged.

Ruled by the Sun, the giver of life, Leo is the superstar in our ranking of the most powerful zodiac signs. Leo is naturally proud and ambitious—the king of beasts. They always preside, even on a small scale. To achieve success, natural and inherent motivation is of utmost importance—Leos do not make themselves to excel, it’s in their nature to strive for excellence. Sun is the brightest luminary in our world, so is Leo. As a zodiac sign, Leo is a social creature—lions band together to hunt. It’s their natural ability to communicate and exchange information to achieve their goals. This cooperative approach is one of the most important ingredients of their success and power.

Astrology is not just your Sun sign! Do you want to know: which zodiac sign is the strongest for you?

5. Sagittarius

(22 November–21 December)


Optimism and easy-going outlook make Sagittarians strong people. Their love of adventure and risk often leads them to success. Sagittarians have courage and an incredible desire to live.

Their energy is so strong that it charges the people around them. Sagittarians do not get upset and do not worry if they are overtaken by failure. They learn their lessons from any situation. Sagittarians have a great sense of humor. They are always on the move and love to chat with friends.

Sagittarians are positive and cheerful people who are also quite strong individuals. Their inner qualities are a perfect balance of strength and tenderness. They are hardworking and goal-oriented; their positivity always comes to their aid. In addition to inner strength, Sagittarians often make excellent athletes.

They are rarely upset over nothing, and try not to give up, even if they had to suffer a defeat.

In addition, they can control their emotions and rarely give in to provocations of enemies and competitors, because they know how to defend their opinion in any situation. Due to their strength of mind, Sagittarians often become good leaders who immediately deserve respect among colleagues and business partners.

They always try to look at the world with optimism, which is why they can achieve their cherished goals much faster than other zodiac signs.

However, because of their mutable nature, we cannot say that Sagittarius is the strongest zodiac sign.

Sagittarians is not the most powerful zodiac sign because they do not have the goal of becoming the richest and most powerful people in the world. They see success as self-actualization and freedom. They are people of incredible charisma and high intelligence. They have everything to be a good boss or a successful entrepreneur but they don’t accumulate power—they use it.

Sagittarius needs partners to rank high among the most powerful zodiac signs.

Do you know that even if your Sun sign is the weakest in your Birth Chart, another sign can be your strongest zodiac sign depending on how other planets are distributed around your chart?

6. Taurus

(20 April–20 May)


Contrary to popular belief, Taurus is NOT the strongest zodiac sign. They are endowed with willpower and ability to work hard. The only thing that can prevent Taurus from becoming the best performer of the Zodiac is their reluctance to leave their comfort zone and change something in their lives.

Very often, they remain where they are, because Taurus is one of the weakest zodiac signs for the Red Planet (Mars). Taurus must have a very strong motivation for change.

Taureans are hardworking people who can sometimes be a bit stubborn. Of course, they always make concessions just to please their children and spouses. But at work, they do not understand when it is better to cozy up to someone important, they are not decisive. Because of this they miss important chances.

Taurus people are strong in their stability, they have staying power. But they do not have as much energy as the leaders of our rating. They should get enough sleep to restore their mental and physical balance.

As soon as sudden problems arise in their life, they immediately lose interest and do not take any actions. Taurus people believe that fighting is a pointless waste of time.

Successful Taurus is driven by the credo: “I see the goal—I see no obstacles.” Their inherent perseverance helps them reach heights that less powerful zodiac signs can only dream of. As a rule, Taurus is very material, and their status is vitally important for them. Status means money, and this is what Taurus seeks most of all.

A distinctive feature of the character of Taurus is the ability to look reality in the face. Representatives of this sign are well aware of their weaknesses and strengths, thanks to which they never waste energy on unattainable goals. They easily calculate the pros and cons, choosing an activity that they can do well and become one of the most successful zodiac signs.

There are other actors in your Birth Chart that may occupy different zodiac signs and make them weaker or stronger.

6 Weakest Zodiac Signs

7. Virgo

(23 August–22 September)


Virgo is hardly a strong sign of the zodiac. Dependence on other people’s opinions can cause damage to their mental state and energy. Virgos, accustomed to perfectionism, are too fixated on this, not noticing the surrounding opportunities.

Virgo has a restless nature. They are worried about their health. Despite the high level of intelligence, Virgo is lost in critical situations and can fall into a stupor. But still, they are not the weakest zodiac sign.

Virgo is known for their analytical abilities and sharp mind. However, they may suffer from low self-esteem. Virgo is a kind, organized and punctual person. However, they completely lack the ability to adapt to something, which is their weak side.

They wish to make a world in which they would feel comfortable. Their ideals are sometimes far from reality, but even if those around them say so unanimously, Virgo will not agree with their opinion.

However, if Virgo realizes that changing the world is impossible, they become depressed and simply go with the flow. Therefore, they are not the strongest zodiac sign.

Virgo people may quit the projects they start because they lack the self-confidence to finish them. On the other hand, these people are very smart, so they often make important decisions and are among the most powerful zodiac signs. Their extraordinary abilities help them express themselves in different areas. Thanks to their diligence, Virgo often achieve great success and power.

Which zodiac sign is the strongest and the weakest in your personal Birth Chart?

8. Pisces

(19 February–20 March)


At first glance, Pisces seems unusual and even strange to others. However, this is their main strength and peculiarity. In fact, these people always know what they want and achieve their goals.

They rarely tell others about their plans and intentions, as they believe that they can achieve more solely by their own efforts. Even if something in their life did not go as they planned, Pisces will not be disappointed.

For a long time, they can dream, abstract away from reality and think about their future actions, because of which, eventually, they will be able to find a way out of even the most difficult situation.

In fact, Pisces simply adapt to their current situation and take the best of it rather than change their environment and break through. That’s why we cannot say that Pisces is the strongest zodiac sign.

Despite the fact that Pisceans have a developed intuition and are endowed with magical abilities, it is difficult to call them strong people. Pisces is let down by excessive emotionality and dreaminess. They are very easily put off their stride. In a critical situation, they are lost because of their strong emotions. They can’t look at problems objectively and sensibly.

They’re used to things working themselves out, or everyone doing things for them. It’s certainly not a sign of power. However, if they brace up and land on planet Earth, they really can do a lot.

Although Pisces is one of the weakest zodiac signs, it is worth remembering that Pisces can fight back when they are highly motivated. Pisces is capable of making an effort, but they need a good rest after that. Their weak points are their feet and fragile psyche.

These creative and very intelligent people lack motivation to become one of the most powerful zodiac signs. They often want to achieve something and become powerful, but they are too lazy to do so. They constantly find things to do that are more important to them than money and success. Proper prioritization can make a difference and help Pisces become powerful among other zodiac signs.

Do you know what makes your personal zodiac signs stronger or weaker?

9. Libra

(23 September–22 October)


Libra is too kind and light to be a strong zodiac sign. They hate conflicts and avoid them in every possible way. But still Libra is not the weakest zodiac sign. It is better for them to stand on the sidelines and wait out the crisis than to act and solve problems.

Libras, by nature, are very soft, gentle, and attractive creatures. They simply don’t have enough energy. It is nice to be near them. Libra is an aesthete. Libras love to look after themselves, enjoy quality things and appreciate comfort. This is the only way Libra can accumulate strength.

Representatives of this zodiac sign have a habit that does not allow them to reach the enormous heights and become the strongest zodiac sign: they always put things off or leave what they started unfinished.

Sometimes Libras need to pull themselves together and become more responsible, because by procrastinating they only waste energy in vain. When they take up a cause, they are ready to give their best, but as soon as they burn out, they stop taking action.

Libra is one of the kindest sign of the zodiac and this is their strength. They will always come out with a smile on their face and with their head held high in any situation. Libras love themselves and their life. They know how to fulfill their own desires.

Libras expect quick success and instant gratification, and if they do not get it, they give up almost any business. Libra, one of the air signs, is the social balancer among the most powerful zodiac signs. Balance of interests is the buzz-phrase of the modern world. And Libras are very skillful at finding the balance. Libra easily find a common language even with the most problematic clients and partners. As a result, money flows to Libra and makes them one of the most powerful zodiac signs.

Your Sun sign is very important, but how powerful is your personal Birth Chart in general?

10. Aquarius

(20 January–18 February)


Despite their optimism, Aquarius can hardly be considered the strongest zodiac sign. They lack the energy and power to move mountains.

They do only what they like—only for this Aquarians have enough energy. There is a huge potential in Aquarians that they often do not fully reveal, preferring not to waste energy in vain.

The dreaminess of Aquarius allows them to strive for high ideals and, sometimes, unattainable goals. However, few people know that these representatives of the zodiac circle are very purposeful and strong in spirit.

If they understand that they need to say goodbye to the past for further growth and development, they calmly do so. And they are not afraid to start life from scratch. Sometimes, they do it too often and fail to build something stable. This is the zodiac sign of the permanent revolution. Sounds impressive, but, ultimately, this is not the quality of the strongest zodiac sign—but not that of the weakest zodiac sign either!

Aquarians are distinguished by their strong inner qualities, but for some reason they deeply hide them. Sometimes, Aquarians themselves forget what potential they have.

In fact, Aquarius often behaves like one of the weakest zodiac signs. The power of Aquarius is hidden and only manifests itself in a creative atmosphere. It is not so easy to unleash it, but there is something Aquarians can do.

Aquarians have all the abilities necessary to rank high among the most powerful zodiac signs. They have the right mindset, as well as all the necessary skills. In addition, they set themselves high goals—to make the world a better, more technologically advanced, safer place. Another secret of their success is that they grow all the time. They seek new skills and knowledge.

The problem is that Aquarius is not practical enough to capitalize on all these positive qualities. However, if the develop the respective skills, they can become the most powerful zodiac sign in the Age of Aquarius.

Is the Sun sign the most important factor or are there other actors who may override the Sun’s influence and make another zodiac sign stronger in your personal birth chart?

11. Cancer

(21 June–22 July)


Cancers do not possess much willpower, character and energy, because they do not need it. They are submerged in their house, family hearth, comfort. All their efforts are spent on caring and paying attention to their loved ones.

In addition, Cancers prone to be capricious and dramatic, which takes a lot of effort and energy. That’s why Cancer is one of the weakest zodiac signs.

Vulnerable and sensitive Cancerians are often depressed because of their own weakness and helplessness. At such times, they try to rely on the help of others and the support of family and friends. However, left alone with their problem, they will do everything to resolve it with the maximum benefit for themselves.

In general, if Cancers spend their energy in the right direction, they can achieve great success.

Of course, emotionality sometimes does not allow Cancerians to find the right way out of a difficult situation, but, at the same time, they try to learn from their mistakes.

Cancers are the most family-oriented, gentle and kind signs of the zodiac. They are always ready to help and support anyone. Especially, their children. Cancerians are strong enough to become rich and achieve their goals. Their weakness is to take everything to heart.

Cancers can become very powerful because they have many connections, have good and loyal friends, and have an entrepreneurial streak. They know how to present themselves, sell their skills at a high price, but they do not know how to spend money and do not like to keep up with the times, while this is very important for those who want to stay on top among the most powerful zodiac signs.

By the way, do you know the primary actor of your personal Birth Chart? It’s not necessarily the Sun who defines your strongest and weakest zodiac sign.

12. Gemini

(21 May–20 June)


Gemini is probably the weakest zodiac sign in everyday life. Their fickleness and mutability play tricks on them. Geminis lack staying power. They tend to never finish the job, preferring to stop halfway. In a critical situation, Geminis simply run away—they don’t want any problems.

They can defend their opinions, argue with their superiors or prove their point to friends and colleagues. However, as soon as something leads them to disappointment, they immediately shut themselves away.

Very often, in difficult situations, Gemini are lost and can’t find a way out. In such moments, they are forced to ask for help from people close to them.

At the same time, Geminis are easygoing and outgoing personalities. However, they are definitely not competitive in terms of strength. They get tired of everything quickly, and they may give up at the slightest difficulty.

As a result, issues they need to face and tackle remain unresolved. Gemini is a very vulnerable and fragile zodiac sign. Although Mars is not formally in detriment in this sign, Mars and Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) are enemies. Since Mars is the planet of action, it contradicts the mental energy of Mercury. These two planets simply act in different planes and diminish each other.

Gemini has all the advantages of the sanguine temperament type. They are sociable people who know how to make connections and make friends. But unfortunately, these qualities are not enough to become one of the most powerful zodiac signs in the financial and professional areas. Moreover, Gemini rarely plan purchases and act recklessly.

Although Gemini as the Sun sign, in our opinion, is the weakest zodiac sign in everyday life, Mercury, when placed in Gemini, makes this zodiac sign stronger as compared to others. You can check this in your personal free birth chart reading.

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  1. Ok, Gemini’s, respect the author please. There’s no need to get mad over what he/she said. It’s quite annoying to me you’re saying all of this (Gemini’s), I don’t know 100% why, It just is. Stop being a baby, jeesh. And I think aries deserve the number 2 spot, they are not the best, but they are the second best. Taurus, I like where you put them, a lot of this is accurate by the way, Good job.

  2. Geminis don’t be offended, keep an open mind. Being gemini isn’t easy to master, and these traits must be dealt with for your own good. Yes we are very misunderstood, but we must increase our understanding as well. Only then duality is overcome and the twin become one. Cancer will help start this process. Thank me later

  3. Hi I am a cancer and I mostly take care of my family. But I kinda feel sad that I’m the weakest zodiac sign this is my feedback and have a nice day to the creator of this page

    • Dear Cancer,
      Thank you for your feedback. I’m the author of this page. Please don’t feel sad because of this post. This is popular astrology. It makes sense but inevitably makes arguable assumptions. Unfortunately, people don’t want to read serious astrological articles. They want to read something like this and see their zodiac sign ranked as the smartest, the strongest, etc. You say you mostly take care of your family-this is great if it makes you happy!

  4. Every single part you say about Gemini is damn on point. I’m a Gemini and comparing to Capricorn, we are weak asf. If the world gone to the end and there are cancer, gemini and capricorn. Cancer exalt in jupiter and neptune, which means they relate to fortune when there is a society, now there are not, they probably gon cry and die afterall. Gemini, pff we probably just gon wandering around frustating what we gon do next, and eventually die after finding no purpose in living. To capricorn, this is a new game. They will build a new society with science and every fields again, maybe blooming the whole earth back to life. I really appreciate and admire the existence of capricorn, they just make life better. Very good reading.

  5. Yes. Capricorn is the strongest individuals because Mafia world, Dark web, anywhere that has power appear Capricorn. Can you please make an article about the asteroid Chiron in Capricorn? Thank you. Goog reading btw

  6. Why are Libras mistaken for being so much soft and weak all the time we can literally make others beg for mercy if we snapped or in fights we just feel pity and hold back too much that we don’t actually seriously injure someone we can literally beat up any sign including scorpio Leo Aries and tauras if they harm someone we love . It should be in 3 or 4 considering the anger tolerance and time it takes to get at that level . We are the most dangerous and ruthless sign when mad or in rage

    • Hi, Tuneer Raj,
      This article is not about the anger-prone or ruthless zodiac sings. It’s about how strong or powerful each zodiac sign may be bearing in mind that it’s a speculation related to Sun signs.


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