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Most Powerful Zodiac Signs–Overachievers of the Zodiac

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Most people think that success comes to those who work hard. But this is not always the case. In addition to hard work, a person must possess specific personal qualities. Stars define these personal qualities and play an important role in achieving success and social power.

Social power means ability to influence others. People endowed with social power have a special talent for attracting and accumulating authority, fame, and wealth. 

What makes some zodiac signs more powerful socially than others? Here’s the Top 4 most powerful zodiac signs as social actors.



(22 December–19 January)

Social Snipers of the Zodiac


Ruled by strict Saturn, Capricorns achieve success thanks to their ability to be disciplined and purposeful. They concentrate their energy and use it like a laser beam to hit their target. Focused ambition is the driving force of Capricorn which makes them one of the most powerful zodiac signs in human society.

However, they lack healthy adventurism, where there is always a room for justified risk—they will hardly ever take the laurels of a pioneer in an innovative business area.

Politics is probably the best area for Capricorns to attain social power. They move skillfully through the corridors of power, and their conservatism is quite appropriate there. Capricorn is the most powerful zodiac sign when it comes to politics which, in essence, is allocation of values for a society.

Capricorns go to their social success slowly, because they are sure that it is impossible to achieve amazing results without using a fundamental approach. By the way, Capricorn has the strongest willpower .



(23 September–22 October)

Social Balancers of the Zodiac


Quite unexpectedly, most billionaires in the world were born under the sign of Libra—27 people. However, a closer look at this phenomenon makes everything clear.

Libra, one of the air signs, is the social balancer among the most powerful zodiac signs. Balance of interests is the buzz-phrase of the modern world. And Libras are very skillful at finding the balance. Libra easily find a common language even with the most problematic clients and partners. As a result, money flows to Libra and makes them one of the most powerful zodiac signs.

Success for Libra is something more than just an expensive car or a lavish mansion. Libra is more focused on self-development than others, carefully choosing a circle of close people who share their values and ambitions.

Ruled by Venus, Libras are connoisseurs of art—they are the elite in the league of the most powerful zodiac signs. People value this quality of Libra, and recognition of society elevates their social status.

Overall, Libra’s path to success is more convenient and easygoing as compared to Capricorn. That’s why we rank Libra higher than Capricorn among the most powerful zodiac signs.



(20 April–20 May)

Social Profiteers of the Zodiac


Successful Taurus is driven by the credo: “I see the goal—I see no obstacles.” Their inherent perseverance helps them reach heights that less powerful zodiac signs can only dream of. As a rule, Taurus is very material, and their status is vitally important for them. Status means money, and this is what Taurus seeks most of all.

Taurus has a very well-developed financial intuition, which allows them to perfectly navigate in business and undertake only promising initiatives. Taurus is not interested in parties and long journeys—they prefer to spend their free time at home with their family. That’s why they are full of energy in the office. Like Capricorn, Taurus is an overachiever at work which contributes to their success and makes them the most powerful zodiac sign in the area of business and finance.

Like Libra, Taurus is ruled by Venus which endows them with artistic style and taste. In addition to business ability (20 billionaires), this combination makes Taurus one of the most powerful zodiac signs in the modern society. In a sense, Taurus combines the positive traits of Capricorn (perseverance and hardworking nature) and Libra (artistic talent and sense of beauty). That’s is why we rank Taurus next to top most powerful zodiac sign.



(23 July–22 August)

Social Superstars of the Zodiac


Ruled by the Sun, the giver of life, Leo is the superstar in our ranking of the most powerful zodiac signs. Why? Astrology explains this as follows.

Leo is naturally proud and ambitious—the king of beasts. They always preside, even on a small scale. To achieve success, natural and inherent motivation is of utmost importance—Leos do not make themselves to excel, it’s in their nature to strive for excellence. Sun is the brightest luminary in our world, so is Leo.

As a zodiac sign, Leo is a social creature—lions band together to hunt. It’s their natural ability to communicate and exchange information to achieve their goals. This cooperative approach is one of the most important ingredients of their success.

In fact, Leo are destined to excel in everything. Politics? Their bright personality attracts voters and supporters. Business? Their sense of duty and strong will make them shrewd and smart business people. Art? They are very artistic and multi-talented. Leo is the most universal zodiac sign to achieve success (20 billionaires and a huge list of famous Leos in general).

Summing it up, Leo is a fixed zodiac sign which means staying power; Leo is ruled by the brightest luminary of our planet system which means vivid personality; Leo is the second fire zodiac sign which means mature and stable energy channel. Do you still wonder which zodiac sign is the most powerful?

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