Nowadays, you can find much more accessories than just a vibrator or a dildo on the market of sex toys. We decided to find the perfect sex toy for each zodiac sign. We followed the stars and examined how much a certain toy can satisfy zodiac signs in bed based on zodiac sign sex traits.

Aries Zodiac Sign Sex Traits

Passionate and active, those born under the sign of Aries prefer power and action. They seek control, dominance, and definitely don’t like being kept waiting. How about a smart vibrator? Lovense in your man’s hands means controlling your own orgasm with the push of a button. In the hands of the Aries woman, it becomes an ideal tool for playing control or even for endurance training.

How to attract an Aries man

To seduce the Aries man, you will need to learn how to play by his rules. And the first of them—become a hard nut to crack for him. The harder Aries achieve their women, the more they love them later. Never forget to indulge his male ego. Aries always want to have what they don’t have. After all, this gives them the opportunity to experience the sensations of a warrior, makes them get up from the couch and fight. Be out of reach in some way, and it will ignite a fire in him. How to tame Aries for a long time? Again, let’s remember that he likes difficulties. Never let him dominate you, otherwise he will lose all interest very quickly.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Sex Traits

Taurus likes to have sex sensually, deeply and use all 5 senses. Gently and intensely, the precise G-spot massage vibrator lets Taurus how to satisfy all their needs. It can take Taurus to the highest peak in just a few minutes, or it can tease them for fun. This vibrator is ideal for solo play.

How to attract a Taurus man

The formula for seducing Taurus is simple and predictable: invite him to your home to eat homemade food. Create a cozy, comfortable intimate atmosphere. When he rings the doorbell, appear in front of him in something open from natural fabrics. Don’t forget to smell like the goddess of love. When you pass him a glass of wine, let his fingers lightly touch yours. These sensual touches insanely turn on Taurus. Finally, after dinner, he should expect the main gift—a gentle and skillful massage. In the future, don’t forget to prove to him that you want to be his and only his. If they feel your responsibility and loyalty, they will be at your complete mercy!

Gemini Zodiac Sign Sex Traits

Gemini, being mischievous and restless, love to play love games. They are looking for thrills and want to experiment—their sex should be light and bright. They enjoy the adrenaline of the chase, strong sensations and sliding through the waves of pleasure. The rabbit vibrator, like the Gemini zodiac sign, has two flexible sides.

How to attract a Gemini man

It is impossible to keep a Gemini close to you, and if you want to seduce him, give him the opportunity to spread his wings and fly. Gemini needs variety and mental stimulation, so you will first need to seduce his brain. Flirting over the phone, email, and instant messengers will work great. Send him love notes, make his heart flutter. In private conversations, avoid any conversations about shared responsibilities, duties, and the like. Be cheerful, carefree, do not hesitate to experiment in bed, or at least boldly talk about your readiness for this. Diversity is the key to successfully seducing and conquering Gemini for the long term. However, if you ever say something about “long term”, your Gemini man will fly away.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Sex Traits

Guided by feelings, Cancer strives for emotional intimacy and is more focused on tender sensations and romantic encounters than on one-day adventures and rough sex. Just like Capricorns, Cancers get rid of fear and shyness as soon as it feels comfortable and safe. When they are completely immersed in intimacy, Cancers’ prolific sensual side is revealed. The overhead vibrator promises a low-key start when testing sensitivity levels. Once Cancer has mastered it, the vibrator will gently transfer them from one orgasm to another.

How to attract a Cancer man

Controlled by the Moon, Cancer resembles the earth’s tides—they are very dependent on the emotions that you give them. You can easily offend Cancer with a small thing that may seem insignificant to you. Equally, representatives of this sign are easy to please with a simple compliment, attention, friendliness. If you haven’t noticed this before, you should probably correct yourself, because the sensory sphere is the very reservoir where Cancers live. If you want affection from such men, be honest with them. You don’t have to pretend to be a fancy princess or an unearthly goddess. Be yourself, share your problems, worries, and fears. Sincerity is the easiest language to communicate with Cancer. Ask about his family, hobbies, and day-to-day life. When dating, choose a place associated with high art: an exhibition of classical paintings, a concert of his favorite musicians, high-quality movies, preferably romantic content. When dealing with Cancer, imagine him as fragile as a dry leaf—do not push, do not make sudden movements, be gentle, but never pretend—Cancers do not forgive deception.

Leo Zodiac Sign Sex Traits

Driven by their ego, Leos are the stars of every party and not only—they are also good in bed. They live for attention and praise, and consider sex as a point at which they demonstrate their enviable skills. Leos are open to new experiences as long as they can show their strengths. The prostate vibrator may seem like a nondescript accessory, but as soon as you feel the trembling vibrations deep in your body, you will inevitably experience admiration for its unparalleled abilities.

How to attract a Leo man

Leos require special, constant adoration. If you have a good relationship with Leo, it means that at the moment you are giving him enough flattery and attention. Keep it up! Seducing a Leo is not difficult at all. In terms of communication, everything is elementary: more admiration, adoration and submission. Leo men consider themselves the center of the world, deserving of universal veneration. A woman who shares this worldview will become the best companion for him. However, you should not think that this will be enough. As a proud aesthete, Leo makes high demands on the appearance and behavior of his woman. Yes, with him, she is an easy-going cat in love, but with others, the cat turns into an inaccessible lioness, desirable, spectacular, unique. A Leo woman should be desired and admired, because he simply cannot choose an unworthy companion. Thus, you will have to try on two opposite roles at once: one for him, the other for the whole world around you. When making an appointment, remember that Leo is drawn to high-quality and lavish things: elite restaurants, the best exhibitions, places with the status of cultural value. Prove that you are no less an aesthete than he is, and be ready to submit to the will of the enchanted Leo.

Virgo Zodiac Sign Sex Traits

Virgos are precise and calculating, careful and attentive, and behave with restraint until they are sure that they have thoroughly analyzed their partner. As soon as this is done, all obstacles will collapse, and their pleasure will become their cherished goal. Virgo is refined and attentive—just like an overhead pair vibrator that cares about the enjoyment of both partners.

How to attract a Virgo man

There are many stereotypes about men of the Virgo sign: they are considered asexual, boring, and spiritless. Of course, every opinion has a real basis, but in this case, the rumor about the coldness of Virgos is greatly exaggerated. When dealing with Virgos, you probably noticed that these men prefer to keep within their ideas about the standards of good taste, rather than avoid the topic of sexuality. Take a closer look: behind this flashy politeness lies an even deeper emotion—shyness. A Virgo man is very demanding of himself, and therefore is afraid to make a mistake in an unfamiliar area, while any new woman is the most unknown new object. Signs of your affinity will stimulate Virgo to demonstrate more openness and frankness. Be patient and wait for the right opportunity, because, anyway, you make the first step. Start an intimate conversation carefully, so that this transition does not confuse the man or make him shy. The experience of many couples shows that the more consistently the topic of sex will flow into your relationship, the more harmonious your intimate life will be—the Virgo man has the talent to satisfy his mistress.

Libra Zodiac Sign Sex Traits

Seductive and unapproachable Libra is a lover who is hard to tackle. They are fastidious and focus only on what they want, but the sensual side of love is very important for them. Beauty and balance—this is what they seek. Libras, as a rule, tend to fall in love with ideas of their partner and get disappointed when their real partner falls short of their imagined ideal. They are in love with love, but rarely allow themselves to be seduced. Which toy is perfect for them? Shock wave vibrator. It can give Libra the most powerful orgasms.

How to attract a Libra man

Some women who have communicated with Libra men are perplexed why representatives of this sign, who are so fond of compliments, suddenly turn cold to the sincerest words in their address. It’s simple: the main thing in the life of Libra is balance. Focusing on some qualities of the man you like, do not forget to mention others. Praise his handsomeness, mention his strength, speak with admiration about his work and mention his inner qualities. This is the capricious nature of Libra. Many women say that it is sometimes difficult to cope with their desire for perfectionism. But there is also a pleasant side of the coin: the Libra man will do everything to please a woman, and if you have already had a relationship with representatives of this sign, you know what it is about. Be prepared for high demands. Libra loves the best, beautiful, and luxurious things. You should become an object of admiration for such a man, and your dates should have an imprint of splendor. Do not skimp on the external effect, but balance it with inner sincerity. If Libra feels the desired harmony in you, you will become the most desirable partner for them.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Sex Traits

Scorpio is mysterious and extravagant in everything that concerns love and sex. At least, in the beginning of a relationship. However, when the outer protective shell of the artful deception is removed, and the aura of frightening brightness is dissolved, the rough core of sexual energy that lies beneath it appears. Scorpio has no taboos, prohibitions, or shame. A prostate vibrator that can repeat the movements of a finger massage? A great thing for representatives of this sign!

How to attract a Scorpio man

There is hardly anyone who wants to challenge the fact that Scorpio is the most difficult sign of the zodiac to communicate with. It incorporates all the complex qualities of other signs: narcissistic, like Leo, demanding, like Aries, capricious, like Libra—the list goes on and on. Relationships with such a man are complex, because they require special care to the whims of Scorpio. Of course, he is a living person, able to love and do pleasant things, but his demands, tirelessness, drive can confuse the most submissive of women. However, those near to Scorpios will agree that men of this sign simply do not let everyone close to them, but as soon as they manage to overcome the “line of trust”, they should not be afraid of a poisonous sting. Be kind, open, attentive. Do not drag him to extravagant events—Scorpio has enough extravagance inside. A pleasant cozy evening at home, where the deepest parts of the Scorpio’s soul will open in an atmosphere of tenderness. He will reciprocate the sincerity, but consider the experience of people living with Scorpios: periods of calm will always be punctuated by emotional outbursts. Do not be afraid of this, but use it as a pretext for passionate bed games.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Sex Traits

Sagittarius is often called the most dazzling sign of the zodiac—its representatives are playful and open. Sagittarians are easy going and flamboyant lovers. Sagittarians don’t play games if they don’t involve sex. Spontaneous, exciting, ready to experiment, Sagittarius is the perfect sign of the zodiac for a rabbit vibrator.

How to attract a Sagittarius man

For Sagittarians, the fame of womanizers is firmly rooted. Yes, many women will agree that men of this sign appear in all their charm only for a while. As soon as they get what they want, they immediately disappear. Seducing Sagittarius is not difficult, because he will seduce you himself. It’s much harder to keep him around. Prove yourself a good mistress. You just need to adapt to the interests of Sagittarius, accept and share them. Men of this sign are looking for a woman, not just a mistress. They need a best friend and will not pass by a woman who appreciates his sense of humor and sharp mind. To impress him, do not invite him to a restaurant, but arrange a sea trip, climb up a mountain—such a date will make the strongest impression on this man. The same applies to gifts: you should choose practical things that match his hobbies.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Sex Traits

Cautious by nature, Capricorns want to get to know their partner better before moving on to the physical component of the relationship. They are looking for an emotional connection, but once they are convinced of the reciprocity of their partner’s feelings, they will be able to fully give themselves to sex. But the absence of a partner does not mean that Capricorn will feel bored alone. People of this sign should pay attention to the classic vibrator–an ideal option for Capricorns, because they are so fond of high-quality simple things without any “frills”.

How to attract a Capricorn man

You must respect Capricorn’s need to control the situation, take his ambitions seriously. And then it will be all yours. This is not a very difficult person to understand, but his whole nature is built around a sense of responsibility and performance. For him, this is so important that relationships sometimes recede into the background. Let your Capricorn take control, let him become the authority and set the rules. For Capricorn, traditions are tempting. So, he needs a partner who is stable and practical, not flamboyant or something. He should see that you are respectable and trustworthy—and the guy will be yours.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Sex Traits

Smart and freedom-loving, Aquarius can be unpredictable in their inclinations. Aquarians need to be mentally aroused first, only then they can be seduced. They are ready to follow their wild impulses and immerse themselves in experiments. Open to everything new, Aquarius can take his partner on an amazing sexual journey, but it is also able to organize a chic “solo”. The prostate massager seems like a simple object, but it can open up new facets of sensuality to Aquarius. It encourages them to rethink their sexual habits, experiment with different positions and sexual practices, with or without a partner.

How to attract an Aquarius man

Aquarius men are selective in terms of partners. If you have ever flirted with Aquarius, it means that you have somehow stood out from the crowd. Perhaps you started a conversation yourself. Aquarians appreciate the confidence. The governing planet of this sign is Uranus (and Saturn). It is named after the Greek God—the personification of the sky, whose breadth and vastness corresponds to the scope of the interests of Aquarians. They are eager to listen enthusiastically about a variety of phenomena, especially mystical ones. Riddles of history, aliens from other planets, snowman—all these are good topics for conversation with Aquarius. Be sure: after a lively dialogue about the paranormal, you will be remembered. And if you choose something extravagant for your first date, like a joint flight in an air tube, do not doubt: the thoughts of Aquarius will be entirely devoted to you. A lively mind is what excites representatives of this sign. When they are aroused, you can expect real miracles in bed.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Sex Traits

When in harmony with the environment and deep empathy, Pisces feels most comfortable. And it is very important for them to share a deep emotional connection with their partner. Once they feel confident in the relationship, Pisces will become incredibly seductive and adventurous. Of course, if they feel it’s good for the relationship as a whole. A remote-controlled pair vibrator will take the sexual contact of Pisces to a new level. It helps couples not only experience new sensations, but also create a piquant secret that unites partners even more.

How to attract a Pisces man

To speak the same language with Pisces, you need to find common interests. Each person has their own, but what brings all representatives of this sign together is the topic of health. Pisces may not know anything about medicine, but if you’ve ever been able to talk to them about a healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition, breathing exercises, then you probably noticed that such conversations always had a response. If you don’t know how to start a conversation, this context will help you at first. Pisces men pay a lot of attention to communication, and therefore their seduction is often in the intellectual sphere rather than physical. However, some Pisceans are extremely sensual and sexy. Ready to experiment, they seek sex of any kind. If you meet this type of a Piscean, you have a great opportunity to realize your wildest sex fantasy.


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