12 Zodiac Signs in Bed: Best and Worst Lovers

AstrologyZodiac Signs12 Zodiac Signs in Bed: Best and Worst Lovers

Sexual Astrology: Zodiac Signs In Bed

Sexuality is a blend of passion, sensuality, and emotion. Astrology, as a universal system of symbols, offers specific notions to deal with these energies. Using astrology, we can explain how sexuality of the zodiac signs is expressed by means of different planet vibes, as well as behavior of zodiac signs in bed.

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Although we’re going to generalize and consider how Sun signs express their sexuality, we need to invite two other primary actors who will participate in our analysis and ranking of the best zodiac signs in bed—Mars and Venus.

These two planets produce the hot and, sometimes, wild mix of sexuality—one of the major drivers of human behavior.

Mars is responsible for passion and drive. It is a hot and fiery planet. Venus rules sensual pleasures, beauty, charm, sympathy—the sparks that flare up the fire of passion.

As was mentioned above, we will not just analyze sex traits of each zodiac sign but also try to determine the best zodiac sign in bed.

When selecting the best zodiac sign in bed, as well as the best zodiac signs in bed, we will consider the following traits of the zodiac signs: how naturally passionate and sensual they are, and whether they are willing to use the language of sex to express themselves.

3 Worst Zodiac Signs in Bed

In short, the 3 worst zodiac signs in bed are: Aquarius—for their lack of focus on their partner at the moment of intimacy; Virgo—for their lack of “vibrance” and spontaneity in bed; Libra—for their lack of real passion.

Least Sexy Zodiac Signs

12. Aquarius

(20 January–18 February)

12 zodiac signs in bed: best and worst lovers

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and, as a result, it’s a “cold” sign—just like its ruler. It doesn’t mean that Aquarius lacks an important element for happy sex life. But, in general, Aquarians tend to be loners who search for their own offbeat path in life. Their mission on Earth is hard to grasp—that’s why they have to try again and again. They just don’t have time to revel in sensuality. Even if they have many sexual partners, the quintessence of sex—passion and sensuality—seems too simple and primitive to them. But, unfortunately, this is what makes them one of the 3 worst zodiac signs in bed.

When Venus and Mars are in sensual signs in the natal chart of an Aquarian (e.g. Pisces for Venus, Scorpio for Mars), their natural coldness becomes less evident. They can even be sexually adventurous and freaky.

Aquarius in love

Aquarius makes love rather in humanistic than sexual manner. Nothing personal can override their love of humanity.

Aquarians choose partners mainly among those who are indifferent to them. Even the most low-energy representatives of this sign have the strength to conquer an impregnable fortress. Aquarians are not interested in easy prey, but they will show miracles of charm and demonstrate a variety of sexual talents to keep an indifferent or elusive partner.

Aquarians usually give the impression of people who are sexually active, but they are also much more interested in the intimate sphere of life from a theoretical point of view than from a practical point of view. The romance with Aquarius is more intellectual than physical, and is remembered for long conversations, rather than bright moments of passion.

The behavior of Aquarius is a puzzle for their partners.

Aquarians appreciate beauty and may well point out their loved ones to their external shortcomings, although this may seem tactless. On the other hand, they tend to accept their partner as they are, and are unlikely to force them to change their appearance to suit their own ideas.

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How to attract an Aquarius

Aquarians are selective in terms of partners. If you have ever flirted with Aquarius, it means that you have somehow stood out from the crowd. Perhaps you started a conversation yourself. Aquarians appreciate the confidence. The governing planet of this sign is Uranus (and Saturn). It is named after the Greek God—the personification of the sky, whose breadth and vastness corresponds to the scope of the interests of Aquarians.

They are eager to listen enthusiastically about a variety of phenomena, especially mystical ones. Riddles of history, aliens from other planets, snowman—all these are good topics for conversation with Aquarius. Be sure: after a lively dialogue about the paranormal, you will be remembered.

And if you choose something extravagant for your first date, like a joint flight in an air tube, do not doubt: the thoughts of Aquarius will be entirely devoted to you. A lively mind is what excites representatives of this sign. When they are aroused, you can expect real miracles in bed from this zodiac sign.

How to attract an Aquarius man

Tip 1: Be an unassailable mystery for your Aquarius man! Nothing attracts Aquarius men more than a thirst to unravel a woman. Stay for him a mystery as long as possible, let him keep trying to unravel you. Believe me, he will even like it. And, most importantly, do not try to unravel it in response, because he, too, will resist it in every possible way.

Tip 2: Have more imagination and fantasy! Aquarius men are attracted to the unpredictability, and in general, they are attracted by everything unconventional. Be unconventional, unusual, behave unpredictably. Try to use to the maximum your imagination and fantasy in bed with your Aquarius man. He will like it, and you will get used to it rather quickly.

Tip 3: Do not hide your feelings and emotions! Most of all, Aquarius men are turned on by the emotionality of women. They want to see everything that their efforts lead to. Sighs, screams—all that in bed with such a man should be present every time. Otherwise, he may think he’s not right for his partner and walk away from her.

Tip 4: No comparisons! Aquarius men are not too excitable, and not so jealous, as, for example, Aries or Scorpio. But, at the same time, they hate comparisons and even talking about someone who was “before”—they react very negatively. Remember, if you are with him, you’d better forget about your past.

Tip 5: Do not be afraid to demand and criticize! Aquarius men are such that, on the one hand, overreact to criticism, but on the other hand, cannot help but take it into account. Criticizing it, making comments and expressing yourself, you thereby demonstrate your desire to be happy with him. Woman’s desire to be around and be happy turns these men on.

How to attract an Aquarius woman

Tip 1: Giving back is paramount! If an Aquarius woman suddenly shows initiative and decides to take the lead in bed, be sure to encourage it. Your share in the process should be the maximum possible.

Tip 2: No comparisons! The Aquarius woman will never tolerate comparisons. She knows that she’s not your first woman, but you should not talk about it, even indirectly. In your life, at this particular moment, she should be the only one in your memory.

Tip 3: No experiments against her will! Representatives of this zodiac sign are very fond of everything unusual and non-standard. But the initiative should come from them. You should exclude any experiments on your part.

Tip 4: Tenderness and maximum attention! Only with such a man the Aquarius woman will be the most spectacular and passionate, demonstrate maximum attention, tenderness and care.

Tip 5: Her pleasure is more important than yours! Remember this phrase and use it, because it will allow you to win the favor of this woman. Put her pleasures before your own and she will reward you for it.

11. Virgo

(23 August–22 September)

12 zodiac signs in bed: best and worst lovers

The earth sign of Virgo is under the auspices of Mercury which expresses its most practical side in this sign. In addition, Venus is weak in Virgo and deprived of its sensuality. Without this, Venus becomes calculating and a bit nervous (Venus itself, however, may be placed in a different sign, but only within two signs away from the Sun sign).

Since we’re trying to rank the zodiac signs from sexiest to least sexual, we should understand how the sophisticated teaching of astrology works. What I’m trying to explain is that the Sun sign of Virgo inherently includes the qualities of weak Venus. The placement of Venus in Libra (the best possible option for Virgo) doesn’t help much—this placement adds aesthetic qualities rather than makes this zodiac sign more sexual.

You can plan sex and enjoy it, but calculation kills passion. Virgos need to learn to let go and be more vibrant in sex. But many of them don’t really “let go” but try to be “more vibrant”. The resulting tension brings dissatisfaction. However, if Virgo’s partner is patient enough to wait until Virgo analyzes everything and becomes more relaxed, the award will be generous—a really refined and attentive lover and, probably, one of the best female zodiac signs in bed.

Virgo in love

When young, Virgos have an idealistic view of the world and look for their soul mate. As a result, they may remain virgins longer than representatives of other signs. Later, when they begin having sex, they are not inclined to brag about their victories and seem more innocent than they really are.

People who Virgos like may not suspect Virgos’ attention, since people of this sign tend not to display their emotions openly. Moreover, they evaluate a partner, even a potential one, very soberly and skeptically. That’s why affairs of a Virgo are mostly imaginable.

When entering into a love relationship, Virgo usually spares no effort to ensure that the affair is perfect in all respects, including sex, although this area is not particularly interesting to Virgo. Representatives of this sign do not tolerate lies—they are always sincere with their partner and expect the same in return. If it were not for the tendency to sarcastic and tactless remarks that can hurt, Virgos would be ideal teachers of the science of love—they know what real passion is and will never confuse it with anything casual.

How to attract a Virgo

There are many stereotypes about the Virgo sign: they are considered asexual, boring, and spiritless. Of course, every opinion may have a real basis, but in this case, the rumor about the coldness of Virgos is greatly exaggerated. When dealing with Virgos, you probably noticed that these people prefer to keep within their ideas about the standards of good taste, rather than avoid the topic of sexuality.

Take a closer look: behind this flashy politeness lies an even deeper emotion—shyness. Virgos are very demanding of themselves, and, therefore, afraid to make a mistake in an unfamiliar area, while any new person is the most unknown new object. Signs of your affinity will stimulate Virgo to demonstrate more openness and frankness.

Be patient and wait for the right opportunity, because, anyway, you make the first step. Start an intimate conversation carefully, so that this transition does not confuse Virgo or make them shy. The experience of many couples shows that the more consistently the topic of sex will flow into your relationship, the more harmonious your intimate life will be—Virgo people have the talent to satisfy their loved ones.

How to attract a Virgo man

Tip 1: No criticism! Never try to criticize a Virgo man in bed, don’t make remarks to him, don’t try to teach him anything too explicitly. He will take it all as an insult, an attempt to belittle his virtues. And, of course, all of this can cause the very real collapse of your love relationship with him.

Tip 2: A lot of compliments, albeit fake! Not only will compliments in his direction make him feel more confident, but also these compliments will have a great impact on his behavior in bed in general. These men love compliments, but most of all they love to match them. Hearing that he is the “best,” Virgo will start trying to be really the best.

Tip 3: A lot of gentle touch! Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac in bed most of all love physical intimacy, touch, tenderness and warmth. You will not know if he enjoyed the lovemaking itself, but you will immediately see how strong the effect of your touching will be.

Tip 4: Let him explore you! If most men adore mysterious women, but here it is the opposite. For a Virgo man, it is important to understand a woman, to unravel her. Then, he will be more determined and confident.

Tip 5: Talking will not be superfluous! Especially after making love, be sure to take time for heart-to-heart conversations and daydreaming. Bedtime opens the door to the romanticism and daydreaming that lurks deep in the nature of Virgo in everyday life.

How to attract a Virgo woman

Tip 1: Do not “force” anything! In no case do not rush and do not proceed to physical love without a lot of preliminary caressing and tenderness. Touching and a long embrace will never be superfluous in bed with a Virgo woman.

Tip 2: Fantasize, but in moderation! Representatives of this sign of the zodiac adore substandard, but moderate, the kind that will not be a shock. Everything should be unusual, but by common standards. Try to find the golden mean.

Tip 3: Lack of experience is better than a lot of experience! Don’t try to show her your experience in bed. On the contrary, try to seem inexperienced. An experienced man can only push the Virgo into unnecessary thinking.

Tip 4: Play hinting games. Keep in mind, these women love to hint at their desires in a way that makes those hints too subtle. Look for them, don’t miss them, try not to miss a single word or movement of hers.

Tip 5: Speaking and soulful intimacy! Be sure to take the time to establish a mental contact. You have to open up to each other so that she trusts you. Then, your Virgo woman can be herself in bed with you.

10. Libra

(23 September–22 October)

12 zodiac signs in bed: best and worst lovers

Unexpectedly, Libra—the sign which is ruled by Venus—is not in the top of our ranking of the best zodiac signs in bed. Even more, Libra is one of the 3 worst zodiac signs in bed. Why? Because of the special flavor of Venus in Libra and the weakness of Mars in this sign. Venus demonstrates its higher-octave qualities in Libra, its less intimate nature. Mars is also “cold” in this sign—the greatest ambition of Mars in Libra is to disturb balance without taking responsibility for the consequences. Again, Mars can be in any of the twelve zodiac signs for Libra Sun, but the zodiac sign of Libra reflects the weak Mars qualities.

Libra is too refined and high-tuned to be the best zodiac sign in bed. They lack real passion and drive. Even if their Venus and Mars are placed in sensual zodiac signs, some ingredient in the compound product of sex will be missing—Libra Sun won’t be able to perfectly handle the energies of Venus and Mars. They simply need a partner of the same type.

Libra in love

Charming, smiling and very beautiful, Libra conquers others easily, but it is difficult for them to get carried away. They tend to pick a partner carefully, rather than throw themselves into the arms of the first person who beckons them. Even in love, Libra remains selfish in the soul, but this seems to even attract more and more victims to them.

The erotic life of Libra is a real work of art: they are able to enjoy everything that sexual relations give, while not giving themselves up to reckless passion. Libra may have several affairs at the same time, but not because of promiscuity, but because of the desire to choose the best partner.

Sometimes, Libra does not refuse sexual relations, even if their feelings have long and hopelessly faded away: with the usual resourcefulness, they find arguments that prove that it is too early to part with a once-loved person. In addition, Libra is usually not cruel by nature, so they prefer not to cause suffering even to those who they have already fallen out of love with.

Love failures happen to Libra quite often, but only because they reason where they need to act too often. But Libra doesn’t take these failures too seriously.

How to attract a Libra

Some people who have communicated with Libra are perplexed why representatives of this sign, who are so fond of compliments, suddenly turn cold to the sincerest words in their address. It’s simple: the main thing in the life of Libra is balance. Focusing on some qualities of the person you like, do not forget to mention others.

Praise the handsomeness of the man and beauty of the woman, mention their strengths, speak with admiration about their work and mention their inner qualities.

This is the capricious nature of Libra. Many people say that it is sometimes difficult to cope with their desire for perfectionism. But there is also a pleasant side of the coin: Libra will do everything to please their partner, and if you have already had a relationship with representatives of this sign, you know what it is about.

Be prepared for high demands. Libra loves the best, beautiful, and luxurious things. You should become an object of admiration for Libra, and your dates should have an imprint of splendor. Do not skimp on the external effect, but balance it with inner sincerity. If Libra feels the desired harmony in you, you will become the most desirable partner for them.

How to attract a Libra man

Tip 1: No falsity and pretense! Never, under any circumstances, resort to falsity and pretense, for it will not bear any positive fruit. He will think that all is well, and will not change his behavior. Always be sincere and honest, tell him everything straight to his eyes. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to tell him the truth! Never praise him unnecessarily and always tell him only the truth, especially regarding anything to do with bed and lovemaking. Don’t be afraid to criticize or reprimand him. On the contrary, try not to keep anything to yourself.

Tip 3: Treat bed the way you want him to treat it! Your attitude towards him in bed should be the way you want him to treat you. Libra men are mirroring people who reflect their partners.

Tip 4: Engage your imagination and fantasy! It’s always good to use your imagination and fantasy, even your creativity. Role-playing games, experiments, anything unusual and non-standard—none of this will be superfluous in bed with a representative of the sign of Libra.

Tip 5: Pay attention to intimacy, caresses and touches! And, most importantly, pay more attention to physical intimacy, touching, foreplay and tenderness. Believe me, this you will be better for yourself and for him. Although again, it all depends on his upbringing and perception of your person.

How to attract a Libra woman

Tip 1: Comfort and convenience! Yes, yes, no matter how much of a lover you are, no matter how well you know a woman’s body, you still can’t handle it without a comfortable environment and a romantic atmosphere. These ladies are very fond of comfort, they like romance, they crave the unusual. You should not resort to spontaneity in terms of choosing a place for intimacy.

Tip 2: No criticism or remarks! Never, under any circumstances, criticize her, make comments, or show signs of dissatisfaction with her in bed. Believe me, you will not make her change, but you’ll upset her or even lose her most likely.

Tip 3: Do not be afraid to fantasize, but in moderation! A Libra woman will never turn down a man who can fantasize. But your fantasy and imagination must be moderate. Libra woman will never tolerate vulgarity or anything too abnormal.

Tip 4: Praise will not be superfluous! Praise her, shower her with compliments, talk about how much you want intimacy with her and that you cannot forget the last time. Believe me, she will definitely love it.

Tip 5: Feelings and emotions! Don’t be afraid to show feelings and demonstrate emotions. On the contrary, try to show them as much as possible. Be sensual, open, perhaps even overly emotional.

9. Gemini

(21 May–20 June)

12 zodiac signs in bed: best and worst lovers

Geminis are thinkers and communicators—their ruling planet is airy Mercury. Representatives of this sign are very attractive and smart. Many people fall in love with them. However, Gemini may disappoint a sensual partner in bed. After a brilliant conversation and seducement, Gemini may formally and a bit reluctantly play their role during sex—they are still in their mental realm. They will hardly enjoy the steady rhythm of a deeply emotional and passionate intercourse—Geminis are too restless, even in bed.

Both Mars and Venus are quite weak (formally, neutral) in Gemini. Therefore, the pure Gemini Sun is not sensual but speculative and intellectual.

However, Geminis may enjoy anything they haven’t tried yet. Their curiosity is the key to their soul. Gemini needs mental stimulation and variety. In the long-term, it is a difficult task for their partner.

Gemini in love

The sexual life of Gemini is diverse, if not due to a large number of partners, then due to their search for new sensations, readiness for bold experiments and a craving for everything exotic.

Gemini is able to give pleasure to almost any partner, while remaining completely indifferent internally. But Geminis demand sincere attention to themselves and lose all interest in the partner when they feel their relationship is not sincere.

The intuition of Gemini makes them extremely pleasant lovers, able to understand the desire of a loved one by the most subtle hints, as well as predict them. Gemini is one of those with whom you can have an affair for one night, and this is the relationship that representatives of this sign strive for. Intimacy without obligations, without routine and boredom—this is what they crave, what they need all the time, even when they are tied by marriage.

How to attract a Gemini

It is impossible to keep a Gemini close to you, and if you want to seduce them, give them the opportunity to spread their wings and fly. Gemini needs variety and mental stimulation, so you will first need to seduce their brain. Flirting over the phone, email, and instant messengers will work great. Send them love notes, make Gemini’s heart flutter.

Avoid any conversations about shared responsibilities, duties, and the like. Be cheerful, carefree, do not hesitate to experiment in bed, or at least boldly talk about your readiness to do so. Diversity is the key to successfully seducing and conquering Gemini for the long term.

However, if you ever say something about “long term”, your Gemini man may fly away. Naturally, Gemini women are more stable, but you should also be careful when talking about their duties.

How to attract a Gemini man

Tip 1: Get ready to experiment! Gemini men are experimenters by nature, very inquisitive, thirsty all the time for something new. Do not be surprised if he will come up with something new every time—role-playing games, the use of toys, the mirrors arranged with the light on, etc. All this gives these men a lot of pleasure.

Tip 2: Do not be afraid of your feelings and emotions! Representatives of this zodiac sign are a bit cold in bed in terms of feeling and expressing emotions, but they demand emotions from their partners. If you want him to be satisfied with you in bed, be sure to pour out your emotions and feelings out. Excited screaming and other emotional expressions will benefit both of you.

Tip 3: Take the initiative! Yes, Gemini men can take the initiative themselves. But even more they love it when the initiative is in the hands of a passionate, spontaneous and romantic woman. He will definitely be delighted by such a lady.

Tip 4: Sex appeal rules! The female partner of such a man must be unique in terms of appearance. Sexy underwear, a variety of edible creams will help. And remember, these men are not squeamish about anything—they have experimenting in their blood.

Tip 5: Be sincere and honest! Never and under no circumstances feign satisfaction and, on the contrary, do not hide it. All of your feelings put on display. Gemini do not like secretive and withdrawn women, and this applies to everyday life and in bed.

How to attract a Gemini woman

Tip 1: Do not try to re-educate her! No matter how you try, you will not be able to re-educate your Gemini woman. Bed is the place where she will always feel like a mistress of the situation, and therefore will not change, even if you insist.

Tip 2: Don’t copy her in bed! She may be cold, unrequited, maybe even aloof, but do not behave in bed with her exactly as she does, for you will only get into trouble. She herself is cold, but her partners must demonstrate attention and warmth.

Tip 3: Imagination and fantasy! Be sure, no matter what it costs you, use your imagination and fantasy, be creative to the very aspect of making love with your Gemini woman. They love it.

Tip 4: No comparisons! Never a Gemini woman will tolerate comparisons. She will certainly compare you to her ex, but you mustn’t compare her to any of your former girlfriends. The consequences will be negative.

Tip 5: Give her lots of warmth, affection and attention! Give her as much satisfaction and attention as possible. Tenderness, caressing, caring—all these are the necessary ingredients. And in general, if possible, think only about her, not about yourself. Try to do what you do solely for her benefit, for her satisfaction, and who knows, maybe she will condescend to you and mirror your behavior.

Mediocre Sexuality

8. Capricorn

(22 December–19 January)

12 zodiac signs in bed: best and worst lovers

My professional experience does not confirm that Capricorns are lacking in sexuality. Yes, the cold and strict Saturn is the ruler of this sign. But it blends well with Mars which is exalted in Capricorn. So, under the cold appearance of Capricorn, there’s a volcano of passion that awaits a suitable partner to explode.

However, despite the passion of Mars, I rank Capricorn only the eighth in my ranking of the the best zodiac signs in bed, because Capricorns need a serious relationship to express their sexuality. There should be something else—a promise of a higher status—be it for men or women. Capricorns don’t just have sex—they try to improve their self-esteem. When they feel they’re moving to their goal, they feel passion and sincerely express themselves.

In fact, their ruling planet Saturn makes the energy of Mars focused as a laser beam. As a result, Capricorns may miss some casual but rewarding experiences.

Capricorn in love

No matter how sane and reasonable Capricorns are, they are able to get carried away with a bright, frivolous and even stupid partner in one second. While people of this sign value constancy and loyalty to traditions in a life partner, their real partner can be the complete opposite. At the same time, Capricorns do not have enough ambivalence to have both a spouse and a lover; therefore, some of them tend to marry as late as possible after having several romances, while others eventually lose interest in sexual life.

In sexual relations, Capricorns prefer to follow traditions, and even if they secretly dream of bold experiments, they will most likely never admit it and, moreover, will not realize their fancies, unless they dare to have a one-time dalliance. People of this sign surprise their partner with endurance rather than ingenuity.

A brief romance with Capricorn can be interesting only from a sexual point of view. But when you get to know such a person better, you will be surprised at the depth, strength and subtlety of their feelings. With those whom they trust, Capricorns are able to forget about self-control and become charming, playful and frivolous.

How to attract a Capricorn

You must respect Capricorn’s need to control the situation, take their ambitions seriously. And then Capricorn will be all yours. This is not a very difficult person to understand, but their whole nature is built around a sense of responsibility and performance.

For Capricorns, this is so important that relationships sometimes recede into the background. Let your Capricorn take control, let them become the authority and set the rules. For Capricorn, traditions are tempting. So, they need a partner who is stable and practical, not flamboyant or something.

Capricorns should be able to see that you are respectable and trustworthy—and they will be all yours.

How to attract a Capricorn man

Tip 1: Let him be the leader in bed with you! Capricorn men are very fond of being in charge, and the bed is no exception in this matter. Do everything to make him feel like a leader with you, let him command, lead, be his puppet after all.

Tip 2: Engage your imagination and fantasy! Whatever Capricorn men are, they will always love everything unusual and non-standard. In ordinary life, such a man will reject unconventionality, but in bed, on the contrary, will welcome it.

Tip 3: Do not criticize and do not teach him! Most of all representatives of this sign of the zodiac are afraid to fail. If you criticize and teach him, he will realize that he made a mistake, and this will be followed by an answer in the form of separation.

Tip 4: Always be a woman! What is she, a woman in the Capricorn man’s mind? Feminine, tender, caring, considerate, and most importantly, beautiful. In bed, you must also be seductive. Lingerie and role-playing games will help you…

Tip 5: Do not go overboard with the mystery! A woman should be a mystery, but in the case of the Capricorn there should be some limits. To be more confident and decisive, he needs to get to know you better. If this does not happen, he will run away, fearing to blunder again.

How to attract a Capricorn woman

Tip 1: More tenderness and caressing! Capricorn women are skilled lovers by nature, but they need attention. Pay more attention to caresses, tenderness, touching. Passionate kisses and hugs won’t be superfluous either.

Tip 2: Add romance! Calm and reserved in everyday life, Capricorn women are very passionate and romantic in bed. In lovemaking, romance should be an obligatory attribute. Candles, dinner, massage, rose petals—all this will have a special meaning.

Tip 3: No rudeness! Never resort to rudeness during physical lovemaking. Rude touching or forcing something unwanted will only push her away from you, trust me.

Tip 4: Mirror her! Don’t leave her movements, actions, and actions unanswered. You should act in a mirror manner, and better yet, get ahead of her. If she is gentle, you should also be gentle, if she fantasizes, then you should also use your imagination.

Tip 5: No comparisons! Never give an example to a Capricorn woman of anyone. She shouldn’t hear comparisons or examples from you. Never will this woman imitate anyone, even if the relationship depends on it.

7. Leo

(23 July–22 August)

12 zodiac signs in bed: best and worst lovers

Leo is the most overrated sign in terms of sexuality. Although Leos may look stunning, self-confident, and flirt all the time, sexuality is not their top priority. Of course, you can have good sex with Leo. But, in the long run, the real nature of Leo is revealed—they simply love to impress people and want to be the best. Nowadays, sex is the bestseller, and Leos know well how to sell themselves in this context. If the trend changes, and sexuality becomes socially disapproved, Leos will eagerly follow the mainstream.

Neither Venus, nor Mars have any notable good qualities in the sign of Leo. However, Mars gives their Sun sign enough energy to play their role well.

Ego-driven Leo may seem a desirable sexual partner for many who fall under their charm. Most certainly, they won’t be disappointed at first—only after a while, when Leo stops playing the role of a charmer and sex bomb, their lack of erotism becomes evident.

Leo in love

Love is extremely important for Leos throughout their lives. Leo’s heart just can’t be free—it’s either occupied or broken, and, being extroverts, Leos trust their experiences to everyone.

Lions expect their life partner to be soft, tender and affectionate, as well as to fully recognize their primacy in the family. Having a highly developed instinct of ownership, people of this sign require absolute obedience from a loved one, as well as constant emphasis on their merits, respect and admiration.

Blinded by the desire to dominate, Leos often act rashly, marrying a person who is in some way “weaker” than them, for example, younger in age, inferior in mental abilities or occupies a much lower social position. Later, they regret it, realizing that they were the victim of deception or subtle calculation. In addition, even in the family, Leos feel lonely if they can’t see their partner as an equal person.

How to attract a Leo

Leos require special, constant adoration. If you have a good relationship with Leo, it means that at the moment you are giving Leo enough flattery and attention. Keep it up! Seducing a Leo is not difficult at all.

In terms of communication, everything is elementary: more admiration, adoration and submission. Leo people consider themselves the center of the world, deserving of universal veneration. A woman or man who shares this worldview will become the best companion for Leo. However, you should not think that this will be enough.

As a proud aesthete, Leos make high demands on the appearance and behavior of their partners. Yes, when with them, Leos, their partner may be easy-going; but with others, their partner must be inaccessible, desirable, spectacular, unique. A Leo’s partner should be desired and admired, because Leo simply cannot choose an unworthy companion.

Thus, you will have to try on two opposite roles at once: one for your Leo, and the other for the whole world around you.

When making an appointment, remember that Leo is drawn to high-quality and lavish things: elite restaurants, the best exhibitions, places with the status of cultural value. Prove that you are no less an aesthete than your Leo.

How to attract a Leo man

Tip 1: No criticism! Never dare to criticize the Leo man and his behavior in bed. Believe me, this will not do you any good. And what’s more, the criticism can only harm your relationship with him, make him colder and spoil his attitude towards you.

Tip 2: Say lots of compliments! The more compliments you say to him, the more he tries to satisfy you and make you as happy as possible. Remember this and try as much as possible to say compliments and praise him. But do not go overboard and do not fake it.

Tip 3: Show initiative in bed! Leo men expect initiative from a woman in bed. He is a leader in life, but in bed he gives leadership to his lady. Become a leader in bed, control him, do not be afraid to fantasize and force something unusual.

Tip 4: More moderate variety! Variety is something that can properly cement your relationship with Leo and add passion to your lovemaking. Leo men do not like monotony in bed. They crave experimentation, but are afraid to offer something new to the partner, because they are afraid to get rejected. Do not be afraid to introduce variety, take the initiative in terms of experiments, use your imagination.

Tip 5: Always be grateful! Do not forget to express gratitude to him for doing everything possible for your satisfaction. Most of all, representatives of this sign love to be thanked. In addition, gratitude should be shown not only in the form of words, but also in the form of reciprocal actions during the lovemaking itself.

How to attract a Leo woman

Tip 1: Force and rudeness are unacceptable! You should never, under any circumstances, resort to force and rudeness in bed with a Leo woman. These queens do not tolerate such treatment. They expect from their partners obedience, but not rudeness. Do not force her to do what she does not want, do not try to change her mind. And, in general, be a gentleman in bed with her, but passionate and emotional.

Tip 2: Match her needs! You need to do everything you can to fully meet her requirements. She should not be disappointed in you. She should see you as the man in her dreams. But do not try to put forward any requirements for her in return, because it will only hurt you.

Tip 3: Use your imagination and fantasy! Always be sure from time to time to engage imagination and fantasy, to bring variety to the bed. It is necessary to make each new time it seemed to her the first. Irregularity, spontaneity and variety will not be superfluous with her.

Tip 4: Give her pleasure! First of all, think about her pleasure and enjoyment, and she will think about your satisfaction later. The main thing is to prove that you want first of all to give pleasure to her, your queen.

Tip 5: Emotions and feelings for show! Don’t hide your feelings and emotions, flaunt them, let her see how good you feel with her. This will add to her strength and self-confidence, and rest assured, it will do you great good.

6. Sagittarius

(22 November–21 December)

12 zodiac signs in bed: best and worst lovers

The sexuality of Sagittarius is open and playful. It’s not mental (like Gemini’s) or specific (like Capricorn’s). Sagittarius creates the atmosphere. Their world is a playground for expressing their numerous desires and satisfying their windy passions. Sagittarius is a bit prodigal—they generously spend what they have, except for real emotion and affection.

Jupiter, their ruler, makes it almost impossible for them to concentrate on a single partner—the scope of their soul is too wide. Casual sex with Sagittarius is a great experience, because this is what they usually look for.

Don’t expect a continuation—enjoy the moment! Sagittarius men tend to boast of how many women they had sex with (many of them loose count ultimately). Sagittarius women tend to have more sexual partners than other zodiac signs, too. However, when their Venus is in the neighboring sign of Capricorn, this may not be the case.

Sagittarius in love

Sagittarian usually falls in love as a child, and they retain the ability to instantly get carried away and give their whole soul to their new love. Sagittarians are romantic and easy to charm, but they lack in constancy. It may seem that Sagittarius simply collects love victories, but this is not the case—they are sincere in love every time and seriously worried about the breakup.

Sagittarians should not be blamed for being windy: they are simply too active to be faithful. If Sagittarius manages to find a partner who can change with them or, better yet, stay one step ahead, such a romance can be as long as it is passionate.

Sagittarians tend to get new sex impressions by changing partners, rather than improving relationships with those who have already fallen victim to their charm.

The number of sexual partners is usually large, and the point here is also that Sagittarius is lucky in love. At the same time, they hate possessiveness and often limit relationships with the person they like only to sex. For the same reason, Sagittarians can maintain a relationship with a partner who is not free for a long time.

The fear of boredom inherent in Sagittarians is also manifested in their sexual life. At the same time, Sagittarians rarely offer to introduce a new element into the relationship, but they accept the partner’s ideas with enthusiasm. However, they may generously share their knowledge and demonstrate their skills to someone they hardly know.

How to attract a Sagittarius

For Sagittarius men, the fame of womanizers is firmly rooted. Yes, many women will agree that men of this sign appear in all their charm only for a while. As soon as they get what they want, they immediately disappear.

Seducing a Sagittarius man or woman is not difficult, because they will seduce you himself. It’s much harder to keep them around. You should be a superman or an excellent mistress.

You just need to adapt to the interests of Sagittarius, accept and share them. People of this sign are looking for an individual, not just a lover.

They need a best friend and will not pass by someone who appreciates their sense of humor and sharp mind. To impress Sagittarius, do not invite them to a restaurant, but arrange a sea trip, climb up a mountain—such a date will make the strongest impression on Sagittarius. The same applies to gifts for Sagittarius women: you should choose practical things that match their hobbies.

How to attract a Sagittarius man

Tip 1: Mystery and unpredictability are a big plus! Sagittarius men are happy in bed with women who are not afraid to take risks, experiment, act spontaneously. And most of all they adore women who are mysterious, such that it is difficult to predict. Mysteries turn on men of this sign. Remember about it and try to be like this…

Tip 2: Beauty is very important for Sagittarius men! It is not enough just to have a beautiful appearance and to know what he wants. It is also important to be so that he sees you as a new person every time. You must be beautiful not only with your body, but also with your clothes. Stockings, a sexy costume or something like that will definitely be good for your relationship. Don’t be afraid to fantasize and imagine.

Tip 3: Point out his blunders to him, but not harshly! Sagittarius men in bed crave to be the best, that no woman can compare them with anyone else. That means they do not tolerate losing, and they are always ready to improve. Do not be afraid to point out to such a man his mistake—he will definitely work to correct the situation and restore his title of the “best man.”

Tip 4: No rudeness and domination! Yes, these men love anything unusual and unconventional, especially in bed, but do not go overboard—don’t try to dominate, control them, and never be rude. Only tenderness and attention must reign in bed with a Sagittarius man.

Tip 5: Sometimes, say “no”! These men adore physical intimacy, they cannot do without pleasure and lovemaking, but they are moralists, despising everything wrong. A woman of easy virtue will hardly be respected by a Sagittarius man. Even after being together for a long period, always remain a little hard-to-get.

How to attract a Sagittarius woman

Tip 1: She’s the best! Remember, it’s very important for Sagittarius women to feel on top, on a championship pedestal. Let her know that there was no one better than her in your life. Believe me, it will play into your hands, and she will be very pleased to hear and realize this.

Tip 2: Imagine and experiment! Be sure to include something of your own in bed with a Sagittarius woman, experiment, fantasize, use your imagination. But do not go overboard with unconventionality.

Tip 3: Touching and kissing! Kissing is very important in bed with a Sagittarius woman, hugs, touches, massages and other stuff.

Tip 4: Don’t be ashamed of your feelings! Be sure to expose all your feelings, emotions. Sagittarius women very much appreciate the partner’s openness, they feel more confident this way.

Tip 5: No falsity! Don’t even try, even if it’s for her own sake, to lie, pretend, or something else. Your emotions and feelings should be sincere. If she smells a lie, she won’t forgive you.

5. Cancer

(21 June–22 July)

12 zodiac signs in bed: best and worst lovers

An emotional connection is one of the most important elements of a long-term sexual relationship. Emotions can make an objectively mediocre sexual intercourse a fabulous experience. Emotions are the realm of Cancer and the Moon, the ruler of this sign. Their slogan is “I feel”, and you will feel what they feel, too.

Typical Cancers are not very passionate. But their emotionalized self can override passion of the zodiac signs that can boast of better qualities of Mars. The nature of Cancer is to please the partner and get emotional satisfaction rather than make their partner work on everything. However, they know what they want in sex and won’t forgive you if you fail to deliver, because Cancers are very sensitive. Cancers use protective mechanisms to keep their sensitive soul safe—they need a romantic environment to relax.

Cancers are sensual. They like to treat their body like a temple, and they love pleasures. They are emotionally attached to their body and know it very well. This is why Cancer is in the 5th place of my ranking of the best zodiac signs in bed.

Cancer in love

Cancers attract the attention of the opposite sex from an early age—they are not just romantic and dreamy, but are predisposed to romance. Cancer may not be able to get carried away by the first person the meet, but when they feel attention, they melt away like ice in the sunshine. Cancer is one of the best female zodiac signs in bed.

In bed, Cancers are usually excellent students rather than inventive mentors. They do not have a strong temperament, but try not to disappoint their partner. Cancer lovers are painfully insecure, which gives a deceptive impression of coldness.

The inherent sense of humor can help Cancers in love affairs—they can laugh at an awkward situation. But when it comes to serious disappointment, they really suffer and are capable of rash actions that they later regret. Cancer is careful in love relationships—they do not forget about the need to take care of themselves and their partners. The most cynical of Cancers quickly become disillusioned with love and change their chosen ones too often but manage to keep their reputation unblemished.

How to attract a Cancer

Controlled by the Moon, Cancer resembles the earth’s tides—they are very dependent on the emotions that you give them. You can easily offend Cancer with a small thing that may seem insignificant to you. Equally, representatives of this sign are easy to please with a simple compliment, attention, friendliness.

If you haven’t noticed this before, you should probably correct yourself, because the sensory sphere is the very reservoir where Cancers live. If you want affection from such a person, be honest with them. You don’t have to pretend to be a fancy princess or an unearthly god. Be yourself, share your problems, worries, and fears. Sincerity is the easiest language to communicate with Cancer.

Ask about Cancer’s family, hobbies, and day-to-day life. When dating, choose a place associated with high art: an exhibition of classical paintings, a concert of Cancer’s favorite musicians, high-quality movies, preferably romantic content.

When dealing with Cancer, imagine them as fragile as a dry leaf—do not push, do not make sudden movements, be gentle, but never pretend—Cancers do not forgive deception.

How to attract a Cancer man

Tip 1: More romance! Cancer men in bed become very romantic and passionate, and your task is to make lovemaking as romantic as possible. Bedtime games with lit candles, declarations of love, passion and affection—all this, you can be sure, will play into your hands in bed with a Cancer man.

Tip 2: Use your imagination and fantasy! Cancer men are very suave and gallant; calm, but they are very fond of fantasy and imagination. Role-playing games, anything else from the category of fantasies, making love in public places—all this will turn on the Cancer man and allow him to be in seventh heaven from happiness in moments of intimacy with you.

Tip 3: No comparisons and exes! Never, under any circumstances, mention anything related to your former partners. Cancers are too hurt by the very fact that a woman has had someone before him. Comparisons can greatly offend him and make him leave you after the first lovemaking. Or even during it.

Tip 4: Obey and conform! Cancers are not leaders by nature in normal life, but they become leaders in bed. They like to be teachers, leaders, dominate their partners. Play along with him, make him feel more confident—Cancer men can surprise, especially in bed.

Tip 5: Sincerity and honesty! Never give him reason to doubt the sincerity of your feelings and emotions. Faking pleasure, pretending or making things up will definitely not brighten your image in his eyes. It’s better to suffer the truth than to give him a reason to doubt you and lose his trust.

How to attract a Cancer woman

Tip 1: No criticism of her! Cancer women are very vulnerable and sensitive. She may know about her own mistakes and blunders, but you should not criticize her for them, because criticism can only aggravate the problem. Influence her in a different way—specific piece of advice is sure to work much more effectively than criticism.

Tip 2: Be a leader and initiator! Cancer women by nature tend to obey—use this, but do not go too far. Try to be a leader in bed, take the initiative, be the first to propose anything you want. Most often she’ll not refuse!

Tip 3: Use your imagination and fantasy! If you want her to relax, use your imagination and fantasy. She will use her imagination in return, and it will benefit both of you. The main thing is not to go overboard with experiments—Cancerians don’t like men who don’t know the measure.

Tip 4: Speak with Cancer woman! After making love, be sure to talk to her on intimate topics, discuss something important and common for you. Believe me, these women are very sociable after making love. After physical intimacy, they relax, and you can take advantage of that.

Tip 5: As much caressing as possible! Physical intimacy for Cancer women is important not only a bed: caresses, tenderness, care, etc. And all this is very important role for such women. Remember this, and do not forget about the real intimacy.

Sexiest Signs

4. Aries

(21 March–19 April)

12 zodiac signs in bed: best and worst lovers

Aries is the first sign in the Premier League of the best zodiac signs in bed. Ruled by ardent Mars, Aries is a perfect example of the masculine, penetrating type of sexuality. Aries women may also be quite straightforward. Passion is the key word here—it comes from within, and this is the authentic trait of Aries.

The sexuality of Aries is active and energetic. Sensuality is not what they really seek—slowing down is not for them. However, many Aries have their Venus in the neighboring signs of Pisces or Taurus which adds an important ingredient to their sexuality and creates almost a perfect mix of drive and sensuality.

However, typical Aries will never mentalize, emotionalize or otherwise artificially modify their instinct—the go straight to what they want. This may result in a lack of empathy with some sensitive partners.

Aries in love

As a rule, Aries starts having sex relatively early. However, until a very mature age, they remain bold sex experimenters rather than experienced experts. The passion of Aries is always fresh, so people of this sign love each new partner as the first one—and for Aries they certainly want to be the only one. The natural activity and endurance of Aries makes them also indefatigable.

In sex, as in any other area of life, Aries requires constant approval, the highest possible assessment of their abilities. Words of admiration and praise can inspire Aries to new sexual adventures.

The Aries woman can be extremely bold in sexual experiments, the man is more careful—for him, there can be nothing more terrible than to experience a fiasco. Meanwhile, he is not afraid to get into a ridiculous situation and may offer his partner to have sex in the most unexpected place. Aries can scare a partner with their demands, and then surprise with tenderness and attention, which are strikingly combined with their passion, sometimes, bordering on aggressiveness.

How to attract an Aries

To seduce an Aries man or woman, you will need to learn how to play by their rules. And the first of them—become a hard nut to crack for them. The harder Aries achieve their goal, the more they appreciate their partner later.

Never forget to indulge their ego. Aries always want to have what they don’t have. After all, this gives them the opportunity to experience the sensations of a warrior (or Amazon), makes them get up and fight for their happiness.

Be out of reach in some way, and it will ignite a fire in Aries. How to tame Aries for a long time? Again, let’s remember that they love to overcome difficulties.

Never let them dominate you (although they will always try to). Otherwise, they will lose all interest in you very quickly.

How to attract an Aries man

Tip 1: Don’t be afraid of your feelings. Don’t be afraid to show him your feelings, to be emotional and overly excited. Aries men, on the contrary, treat all of the above very positively. The more feelings and emotions come from his partner, the more effective and confident he is in bed.

Tip 2: Praise him. Aries men love praise, and not just in bed, but in everyday life too. Praise him, talk about how you feel about him. He will become even more confident, effective, energetic and bold.

Tip 3: More intimacy! These men are very fond of intimacy, contact, touch. Give more time to caresses, so he can feel your warmth, to feel your presence in bed. By the way, do not forget that touching, especially gentle, is positively perceived in bed by almost all zodiac signs.

Tip 4: Do not be afraid to talk about your desires! Talking about desires means being honest, and this is encouraged by Aries and perceived very positively. Aries men are lovers who adore being told their partner’s desires and preferences directly. Keep this in mind!

Tip 5: Fantasize, imagine, experiment. Representatives of this sign love to experiment, fantasize, and most also love the role element. But remember, the hint at trying something unusual should come from you, while the initiative should come from him.

How to attract an Aries woman

Tip 1: Don’t limit her dreams and imagination! There should not be any restrictions in your lovemaking with an Aries woman so that she can relax. Don’t confuse her with demands and criteria, try to take things as they are and just enjoy it.

Tip 2: Bring in more variety and spontaneity! Aries women, like the men of this sign, love spontaneity and experimentation, variety, everything unconventional. Making love in unusual places, role-playing, simple spontaneity will give you both a lot of pleasure.

Tip 3: Compliments are always welcome! Do not leave her without attention, give her lots of compliments, talk about how good you feel with her. Then she will triple her efforts and will put out to the best of her ability. You will only have to reap the benefits in the form of pleasure.

Tip 4: Switch roles! Aries woman can be a leader or a puppet, and every time she wants to play a new role. So, allow her to do that. Switch roles, take turns being the passive and active lovers. This will have a positive effect on the relationship as a whole.

Tip 5: Don’t be ashamed of your emotions! Want to moan? Do that! Any of your emotions will be received as positively as possible by an Aries woman. They love it when men are open and emotional, when they are sensitive and not afraid to express their feelings.

3. Pisces

(19 February–20 March)

12 zodiac signs in bed: best and worst lovers

Gentle Pisces is the dark horse in my ranking of the best zodiac signs in bed. Sensual Venus is exalted and, probably, the most powerful in this sign. On the contrary, Pisces is the weakest placement for Mercury, the planet of speech. For this reason, the sexuality of Pisces is often the most important and expressive communication tool for them. And Pisces use it as a real expert.

Pisces represent the feminine type of sexuality. They are extremely sensitive and sensual. They can tune themselves to any partner. Ruled by Jupiter, Pisces is very generous in sex. Satisfaction of their partner is their top priority.

Pisceans live in the world of their imagination. They have a lot of sexual fantasies, and, if you guess right and fulfill at least one of them, Pisces may even become addicted to you. Their inner self is not demonstrative but rather subtle. That is why they are always waiting for a partner who will help them express themselves.

A combination of prodigal Jupiter and sensual Venus, Pisces is a perfect sex toy for the other zodiac signs. However, Pisces may disappoint those who seek drive and masculine type of sexual energy.

Pisces in love

Pisces is usually very attractive to others. They are able to emphasize their dignity and charm, and all their life they hope to use this skill to their advantage one day. In anticipation of this moment, Pisces spends time in romantic dates and romances, which, however, may be nothing to write home about.

Pisces is quite inventive in sex, but they try not to impose anything on their partner. As a result, they often feel disappointed. In general, people of this sign prefer not to talk openly about their desires, leaving their partner the option to guess and make conclusions.

Almost all Pisces prefer to indulge in passion in a suitable, or even better, luxurious environment; in this case, it is easier for them to convince themselves that it is about real love, and not just about sex.

Pisces loves to travel and they have resort romances quite often: far from home, it is easier for Pisceans to relax. Pisces usually strongly regret even the breakup of a brief romance: they need very little time to imagine a beautiful future and get used to the idea that it will come. The collapse of their illusions, even the most ungrounded, plunges Pisces into melancholy or even depression.

How to attract a Pisces

To speak the same language with Pisces, you need to find common interests. Each person has their own, but what brings all representatives of this sign together is the topic of health.

Pisces may not know anything about medicine, but if you’ve ever been able to talk to them about a healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition, breathing exercises, then you probably noticed that such conversations always had a response.

If you don’t know how to start a conversation, this context will help you at first. Pisces men and women pay a lot of attention to communication, and, therefore, their seduction is often in the intellectual sphere rather than physical. However, some Pisceans are extremely sensual and sexy.

Ready to experiment, they seek sex of any kind. If you meet this type of a Piscean, you have a great opportunity to realize your wildest sex fantasy.

How to attract a Pisces man

Tip 1: Always remain a mystery to a Pisces man! Pisces men are very picky. Be and remain a mystery to him. Then he will not have time to get used to you in bed.

Tip 2: Try to show initiative! Representatives of the sign Pisces, especially men, can be both passive and active lovers in bed, they can both lead and be led, but it is better when the initiative comes from woman. This will bring more benefits and allow your Pisces man to feel more confident.

Tip 3: Exclude rudeness, vulgarity, haste! Never and under no circumstances resort to rudeness in bed with a Pisces man. You’ll never know what conclusions he is going to make. Likewise, exclude vulgarity from your behavior in bed. Pisces does not like vulgarity, not in any form.

Tip 4: Never compare your Pisces man to anyone! He already knows that he is not the first, but it is better not to tell him directly, not to give any reason to feel uncomfortable, because this awkwardness can be reflected in your bed. You have to create a special atmosphere in bed so that he thinks that he is the only one in your life.

Tip 5: Always be a real woman! Always, whether it’s in bed, when making love, or in everyday life, be a woman of your Pisces man’s dream. And a woman he dreams of is someone who can be soft and compassionate, but decisive and proactive at the same time.

How to attract a Pisces woman

Tip 1: No rudeness, only tenderness! Remember, Pisces women are very sensitive and sensual. Therefore, you should never be rude or too pushy with these creatures. Be as gentle, considerate, soft and sensual towards her as possible.

Tip 2: Don’t push her with your experience! Never show this sensitive and soft creature your experience in the matter of physical love. Believe me, you will not achieve anything good in this way, but you will definitely be able to push her away.

Tip 3: No comparing and criticizing! Never and under no circumstances criticize her, don’t make remarks to her, don’t compare her to anyone else. Remember, by demanding something from her, you’ll hardly get it.

Tip 4: A lot of feelings and emotions! Never hide your feelings from her, do not hold your emotions, be open at all times.

Tip 5: Fantasize! Try at least sometimes to fantasize, use your creative potential if you have one. But try to make her think that all ideas come from her.

2. Taurus

(20 April–20 May)

12 zodiac signs in bed: best and worst lovers

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is extremely sensual. They love pleasures and seek them. Taurus has a very strong sense of form, and they want to feel the form by touching it. Mars is in detriment in Taurus—very dependent on comfort, even addicted to it. As a result, Taurus is guided by eroticism rather than passion.

Summing it up, we get the formula of a hedonist. Their sexuality is rather slow but steady. Once it has gained momentum, it is difficult to stop.

When choosing a partner, Taurus does not seek intellect—form is their fetish, something they can touch and feel. Taurus is capable to feel every nuance of their sexuality. They collect and cherish their sexual impressions which form their rich sensual experience.

Satisfaction is extremely important for Taurus, and they will try hard to get it. They are also willing to do a lot for their partner. Sensual pleasures stimulate the emotional nature of Taurus—they become very warm and cordial when satisfied. This is probably the best female zodiac sign in bed.

Taurus in love

Taurus rarely has many affairs, and almost never—several affairs at the same time. In love relationships, Taurus adheres to traditions, and some of them keep their virginity until their wedding, and remain immaculately faithful when married.

In sex, Taurus is more tender than passionate; they are not inclined to experiment. Taurus men do not spare effort, satisfying the desires of their partner. They don’t let their partner dominate, and sometimes they are simply afraid of their partner’s excessive activity. Taurus women are willing to accept caresses, but they will never allow to do anything that is unpleasant to them.

Taurus highly regards their own individuality and sexual abilities, and is also endowed with intuition—they always feel pretense.

In love, Taurus will give in to persuasion, but will unlikely admit that they enjoyed something new proposed by the partner. Generally, their loyalty to traditions is manifested in their sex life as much as in all other areas.

How to attract a Taurus

The formula for seducing Taurus is simple and predictable: invite them to your home to eat homemade food. Create a cozy, comfortable, intimate atmosphere. Appear in front of them in something open and made from natural fabrics.

Don’t forget to smell like the goddess (or god) of love. When you pass him or her a glass of wine, let your fingers lightly touch. These sensual touches insanely turn on Taurus.

Finally, after dinner, Taurus should expect the main gift—a gentle and skillful massage. In the future, don’t forget to prove to your Taurus that you want to be theirs and only theirs. If they feel your responsibility and loyalty, they will be at your complete mercy!

How to attract a Taurus man

Tip 1: Don’t be afraid of your fantasies! Taurus men in bed behave quietly and without much fantasy, but adore women who fantasize themselves and make their fantasies come true during lovemaking. By the way, many Taurus men really like role-playing. Although, as in the case of other zodiac signs, there are exceptions.

Tip 2: Don’t try to fake anything! Do not try to fake your pleasure, because he will immediately recognize falseness. Do not try to hold back emotions, because he also may not like it very much. Better let emotions and feelings out, let him see them—your Taurus man will feel more confident and determined.

Tip 3: More close contact will be just fine! Try to allocate more time to foreplay, gentle touches. For a Taurus man, touching is something like the “On your marks!” sign.

Tip 4: Take the initiative into your own hands! Initiative, coming from a woman, in case of making love with a Taurus man, will play into the hands of both you and him. In addition, these men are very fond of the initiative taken by the female partner. Do not be afraid to command and guide him.

Tip 5: Comfort and romance are above all! These are mostly passionate romantics who adore comfort. Do not try to propose him to make love outside or somewhere else besides the bed. For a Taurus men, comfort, bed and a romantic setting are more important than anything else.

How to attract a Taurus woman

Tip 1: No manipulation! If you think that her submission skills in bed will play into your hands, you’re wrong. Don’t try to manipulate her too much in bed and make her your slave, it won’t work. As soon as she suspects you of taking advantage of her weakness and softness in bed, she’ll break up with you right away.

Tip 2: Pay more attention to touching! Taurus women in bed love touch, caress and tenderness just like Taurus men. More foreplay will definitely be good. Kissing, embraces, a simple touch will reveal her woman nature…

Tip 3: Variety must be in moderation! Yes, Taurus women like variety in bed, but it should be moderate. Role-playing games are not suitable here, they can be perceived negatively by Taurus women. Although there are exceptions.

Tip 4: Try to surprise! Variety is good, but imagination and fantasy are much better. Something relatively unconventional will be eagerly accepted by your Taurus woman at the moment of intimacy but don’t propose anything she can consider disgusting.

Tip 5: No pretense! Be yourself, exclude anything fake, try to be sincere in terms of feelings and emotions. Falsity will be immediately identified by her. The reaction to it will be extremely negative.

1. Scorpio

(23 October–21 November)

12 zodiac signs in bed: best and worst lovers

Scorpios are extremely sophisticated and straightforward at the same time—this trait makes them the best zodiac sign in bed.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet of energy. The Scorpio’s octave of Mars is deeper and less outspoken as compared to the influence of this planet in Aries. Venus is in detriment in Scorpio.

It means that sensuality is not the key aspect of their sexual expression. As a result, Scorpio promises something else and opens the door to a higher level of sexual experience. This enigma—their sophisticated side—makes Scorpios irresistible in combination with their intense personality driven by hidden energy which is abundant.

Strong Mars makes Scorpio an incredible sexual athlete, and this is their straightforward side which is as perfect as their sophisticated mind. Therefore, Scorpio is the best zodiac sign in bed. Ta-da!

Scorpio in love

The sexual life of Scorpio is very uneven throughout life. In early youth, they are chaste and content with platonic friendships. But they usually enter adulthood with a fair amount of experience, and not always positive.

Scorpios are extremely, even magically, attractive, greedy for love and sometimes sexually libertarian so that it borders on promiscuity.

But, no matter how highly Scorpios value erotic pleasures, ambition is still stronger and, in some situations, people of this sign are capable of absolute abstinence, if they believe that it will be useful to them from the point of view of their career.

Even refusing full-scale affairs, Scorpios do not cease to charm and attract more and more victims. Their charm is simply impossible to resist. At the same time, Scorpios do not bother to choose the most attractive, smart or interesting partners. As a result, their reputation may be affected.

It is worth adding that a brief affair with Scorpio is perceived by many of their partners as the brightest event: the sexual ingenuity and unpredictability of Scorpios is striking.

How to attract a Scorpio

There is hardly anyone who wants to challenge the fact that Scorpio is the most difficult sign of the zodiac to communicate with. It incorporates all the complex qualities of other signs: narcissistic, like Leo, demanding, like Aries, capricious, like Libra—the list goes on and on.

Relationships with such people are complex, because they require special care to the whims of Scorpio. Of course, Scorpio is a living person, able to love and do pleasant things, but their demands, tirelessness, drive can confuse even the most submissive people.

However, those near to Scorpios will agree that people of this sign simply do not let everyone close to them, but as soon as their partners manage to overcome the “line of trust”, they should not be afraid of a poisonous sting. Be kind, open, attentive.

Do not drag Scorpios to extravagant events—they have enough extravagance inside them. A pleasant cozy evening at home, where the deepest parts of the Scorpio’s soul will open in an atmosphere of tenderness.

They will reciprocate the sincerity, but bear in mind the experience of people living with Scorpios: periods of calm will always be punctuated by emotional outbursts. Do not be afraid of this, but use it as a pretext for passionate bed games.

How to attract a Scorpio man

Tip 1: Let him dominate! Don’t try to dominate him or try to impose something of your own. These men don’t like to be dominated, they love control, they crave their woman’s obedience. Try to satisfy him and at the same time obey him, and then he will definitely be satisfied with making love with you.

Tip 2: Pretend to be inexperienced and shy! Scorpio men in bed are very fond of shy and inexperienced women, because they can control them. With them, they can show their skills and gain confidence. Pretend to be inexperienced, shy, uncertain, and this will surely be rewarded by a representative of this sign.

Tip 3: No falseness and pretense! Never fake in terms of emotions and feelings, do not fake pleasure, try to be honest and do not deceive him. Yes, he will be upset if he is told that he has not satisfied his woman, but he will not be offended. On the contrary, he will begin to work on himself. This is better than to deceive him—Scorpio’s revenge for deception is very intense.

Tip 4: More spontaneity will always be good! These men adore spontaneity and unpredictability and try to bring it into lovemaking. Do not try to make love with him according to a schedule and a clear scheme, because it will only alienate him from you.

Tip 5: Sex appeal! You should be perfect woman—sexy, beautiful, feminine, gentle. Believe me, Scorpio men love such women. And, of course, avoid vulgarity.

How to attract a Scorpio woman

Tip 1: Meet her criteria! No Scorpio woman will tolerate a man near her who does not meet her criteria and requirements. No matter how strong her love for you is, you will not be able to take advantage of it. Without meeting her requirements, you will not be able to win this woman and dominate her in bed.

Tip 2: The initiative must be mutual! Most likely, all initiatives, ideas and fantasies will come from her, but you should not relax. She will not be with a man who only takes advantage of her fantasy and initiative for a long time. Such woman’s partner should himself come up with initiatives.

Tip 3: Don’t hide your feelings and emotions! Scorpio women become more open and express their feelings in bed, and you should do the same. Next to a secretive and shy man, she will try to be just like him.

Tip 4: There is never too much attention! Be sure to pay as much attention to intimacy, passionate kisses and massage. Believe me, your Scorpio woman will be intrigued.

Tip 5: Fantasize with her! Scorpio women are prone to fantasize, experiment, try something new and unusual. Do not be shy to experiment too, use your imagination.

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