12 Foods to Avoid For Flat Stomach

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Avoid these 12 foods if you want to have flat stomach

Let’s face it. Sometimes, it seems that no matter what we do (how often and how hard we work out and how diligently we watch our diet), there are still fat traps on the body that are so hard to get rid of. For many, that area is the belly. Experts have compiled a list of 12 foods to avoid for flat stomach.


If you suffer from lactose intolerance, you probably know that cheese is often the cause of bloating. This is because the lactase enzyme is missing, and people with lactose intolerance cannot break down dairy products. However, this is not even the point here, but the fact that cheese contains a lot of calories and saturated fats. This does not mean that we have to eliminate absolutely all dairy products from our diet (we don’t know what we would do if we had to give up chocolate chip ice cream). In addition, dairy products provide the body with protein and calcium. Nevertheless, if you want to have a flat stomach, don’t order cheese plates at a restaurant.


We know, we know. A hamburger and a soda are a perfect match. But soda drinks are sweetened with artificial sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, which can increase subcutaneous fat and serve as a source of unnecessary calories. Nutritionists say that excess sugar converts to fat and ends up deposited on the waistline. And although there are fewer calories in diet cola, the sugar is plentiful! Conclusion: no carbonated sugary drinks!

Sausage and bacon

Meat can be a healthy part of the diet—after all, it supplies the body with a large dose of protein to maintain energy and build muscle mass. However, processed meats high in saturated fat (yes, including bacon) are a bad choice. No beef jerky, sausage, hot dogs, salami, bacon jerky or canned meat. Processed meats are often high in salt, fat and cholesterol, which can also increase your risk of heart disease. Instead, try to add lean meats like chicken and turkey to your diet.


We hate bad news, but the fact remains that alcohol and diet are incompatible. Alcohol contains seven calories per gram, which is slightly less than fat, which contains nine calories per gram. No matter what kind of alcoholic beverage it is, it certainly won’t help someone who wants to have flat stomach, let alone try to lose weight. And while this list includes wine (the Mediterranean diet allows a glass for dinner), it is important to note that some alcoholic beverages contain more calories than others (for example, beer have a higher calorie than wine).

Salad dressings

Many people must have heard that following a Mediterranean diet (high in lean, antioxidant-rich foods such as olive oil, herbs and fish) can do wonders for the body. Experts warn that it’s important to choose the right salad sauces. The main thing is that they do not contain genetically modified oils, large amounts of fructose, artificial flavors and preservatives. Instead, make homemade salad dressing. For example, mix olive oil with lemon and red wine vinegar.

Packaged fruit juice

Like carbonated drinks, most store-bought fruit juices contain many additives, sweeteners and, yes, high-fructose corn syrup. The same goes for store-bought smoothies.

White bread

Refined carbohydrates, such as bread, are another food you should limit yourself in a healthy diet. One study found that if you have a lot of wheat bread in your diet, it contributes to inflammation and weight gain. Try replacing your usual morning bagel with something healthier like flaxseed bread, rye bread, oat bread or whole wheat bread. You may even notice a difference in your energy levels throughout the day and feel fuller for longer.

Sweet cornflakes

It is often said that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. However, if you eat several bowls of cereal in the morning, your gastrointestinal tract simply won’t have time to effectively digest your food, and this can lead to a bloated stomach (and also extra inches on your waistline). Nutritionists recommend eating slow carbohydrates for breakfast and replacing cow’s milk with vegetable milk (such as almond, oat, and soy milk).


While salt doesn’t actually contribute to waist fat, excess salt is a frequent cause of bloating and can make you feel like you’ve gained a few extra pounds overnight. The healthiest salt is unrefined salt (such as sea salt and pink Himalayan salt). If you want to minimize the amount of salt you use during meals, replace it with fresh herbs and spices (we are big fans of ginger, basil and turmeric), so that your dishes are not so bland.

Baked foods

Pastries often contain excessive amounts of sugar and fat, which will not help in the quest for a flatter stomach. However, there are now many vegan, sugar-free cakes or flourless muffins.

“Dietary” products

We have already told you about foods that only pretend to be healthy. The candy bars with the words “low-calorie” and “low-fat” usually contain a lot of sodium and preservatives. Don’t let yourself be fooled—these snacks and smoothies are not the healthiest foods. Fruits, cucumbers and nuts are more appropriate options. Add foods rich in vitamins and minerals to your diet: they can help you stay full longer.

Fried foods

Whether it’s a pack of chips or crispy chicken, fried foods have a magical ability to lift your mood, but they’re on the banned list. Fried foods are high in oil, fat and cholesterol. Try changing your cooking method, for instance, bake the meat in the oven rather than deep-frying it.


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