12 Activities That Burn a Huge Amount of Calories

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Spring is in full swing, and it’s time to move on from the winter hibernation, during which you have already accumulated a fair amount of blubber. It is not necessary to torture yourself with grueling diets or spend all your free time in the gym, because there are activities that burn a lot of calories in a short time.
Performing them, you can quickly lose excess weight. Of course, if you follow a diet that limits carbohydrates.

1. Boxing

12 activities that burn a huge amount of calories
The number of calories burned depends on activity. If it’s sparring in the ring with your trainer at a fairly calm pace, you’ll burn about 400-500 kcal. If you’re fighting in a match with your opponent, while actively moving and boxing, you can burn up to 1,100 calories in one hour.
For comparison, the average number of calories per day for men with a moderately active lifestyle is 2,500 kcal. That means that in one 90-minute workout you can burn half the energy of the day.

2. Mountaineering

Mountaineering is one of the most effective activities in terms of pumping up the body, because all the muscles work when climbing. And if this is the case, the energy expenditure must be serious. When climbing slowly without jerking, the body consumes about 450 kcal. If the ascent is difficult, requires effort and frequent jerks, the calorie consumption may increase to 750 kcal per hour.

3. Walking and running

It all depends on the pace, style, incline, and other parameters. Walking fast at 8 km/h consumes 300 kcal, while athletic walking consumes more than 400 kcal. Jogging at 12 km/h will consume 920 kcal.
If you run at 18 km/h, it will consume almost 1,300 kcal. But a sprint at that speed will quickly wear you out, so it’s much more efficient to run up the stairs. In this case you consume up to 1,200 kcal per hour.

4. Butterfly Swimming

12 activities that burn a huge amount of calories
The butterfly is the most difficult style of swimming, and it is most often used only in competitions. In normal times, athletes swim either breaststroke or crawl. One hour of butterfly at a relaxed pace consumes about 700 kcal. If you speed up and go to a more explosive pace, the consumption increases to 1,000 kcal per hour.

5. Exercises with a jump rope

If you want to sweat fast and lose a lot of extra calories, jumping rope is one of the best options, because it works all the muscles, and at an explosive pace. At a slow pace, the body consumes 600 kcal per hour, and with fast jumps it’s already 750. To give you an idea, about the same amount of energy per hour is consumed in active weight training at the gym.
If you add weights, you can get up to 1,000 kcal per hour.

6. Exercises with kettlebells

It is enough to perform simple kettlebell lifts, which consist of cyclic lifts and lowers, to burn 600 kcal. If you go beyond this exercise and include squats, kettlebell lifts and hand presses, you can increase your energy expenditure to 800 kcal per hour.

7. Dancing

12 activities that burn a huge amount of calories
Here, as with running, it all depends on the pace and style. Non-intensive dances consume about 300 kcal per hour. Modern dances can get you up to 450 kcal. Sophisticated kinds like ballroom dancing can consume more than 500 calories. Tap dancing, break dancing, hip-hop, and swinging have the highest caloric expenditure.

8. Burpee

Burpee is one of the basic exercises of crossfit that is loved for working most of the body’s muscles and high energy expenditure. It’s enough to perform classic burpees, where you have to jerk from the prone position and return to the starting position to get your body to consume 1,000 kcal per hour.
And if you do the burpees described in this article, you can increase your energy expenditure even more and quickly lose extra weight.

9. Rowing

Rowing works most of your muscles, especially your arms, back and abs. When rowing slowly at 4 km/h, you’ll waste 200 kcal. But if you increase the pace, you can spend more than 600 kcal per hour.
You don’t have to buy a canoe and go rafting on mountain rivers to lose weight. Many gyms have rowing machines, but keep in mind that for maximum calorie expenditure you need to practice technique, otherwise you can hurt your back and your calorie intake will be at the level of slow walking.

10. Infrared sauna

12 activities that burn a huge amount of calories
The infrared sauna is considered the most effective for weight loss because the infrared waves penetrate deeply into all body tissues, including fatty tissues, accelerate metabolic processes and remove excess fluid. One hour in an infrared sauna consumes 1,000 kcal. You don’t even have to move – just relax and feel as your body gets rid of extra pounds.
Of course, before going to such a sauna, it is necessary to consult a doctor and remember that exposure to high temperatures should not be excessive.

11. Skis

Descending the slope on alpine skis will consume about 300 kcal per hour. But if you replace alpine skis with cross-country skis, the amount of energy expended will increase significantly. For example, ordinary walking on skis will consume 500 kcal, while an increase in speed to 18 km/h will result in a consumption of 600 kcal.

12. Exercise bike

The exercise bike is capable of consuming up to 1,000 kcal per hour when set to a high level of difficulty. For comparison, riding a normal bicycle at 9 km/h consumes about 185 kcal, at 15 km/h 320 kcal, and at 20 km/h already 570 kcal. As you can see, training on a exercise bike is two or more times more effective than riding an ordinary bicycle.

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