10 Secrets For You To Flirt Like a Hottie, Even If You’re Not

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Guys sometimes think that a bright appearance is the key to success with girls, so they fixate on their appearance, forgetting about the spiritual content. In fact, the main way to become more attractive is to reveal your charisma to others and show your inner magnet, which will attract rapturous female gazes. This can be achieved by daily work on yourself, but, naturally, experts in the psychology of flirting are ready to share with you the most important secrets of seduction.

We all want other people to find us attractive, but do we know how to do it? Many people think that a charming smile or a “smart face” is enough to flirt successfully. And some people choose modesty and don’t want to overcome their shyness. Relationships are not an exact science, but some research provides information on how you can increase your chances of success. Sexuality and romantic perception are the result of chemical processes that go on in our heads. Through smells, we recognize pheromones emanating from another person’s body that carry important information. Sight helps us perceive the physical characteristics we look for in a partner. Women’s hearing favors a deeper voice because the mind associates it with masculinity and higher testosterone levels. And even touch can help us know if compatibility is possible. With all of the above in mind, experts are ready to give guys some tips on how to flirt successfully, even without having the looks of a Hollywood star.

Choose an “open” pose and gesticulate

10 secrets for you to flirt like a hottie, even if you’re not

We communicate with our bodies all the time, even when we don’t want to. Barbara and Allan Pease, experts in communication and body language studies, say that an “open” posture makes men more attractive because it shows that they are available and sexually receptive. If you’re trying to seduce someone, don’t cross your arms or legs. People who don’t hide their arms are more trustworthy, according to recent studies.

Psychologists also recommend using physical contact, such as touching a hand, whenever possible. “I recommend distant physical contact,” recommends Angeles Sanz, a psychologist at the Madrid-based Center for the Study of Relationships, “without intruding into space or getting too close. It can be a light touch when passing a glass or cup of coffee. Your posture should not cause the interlocutor to feel pressure. It is strictly forbidden to touch your hair or use your cell phone, otherwise you will lose all chances. The girl will see you as an insecure, nervous man, and her interest will go away very quickly.

Wear something red

10 secrets for you to flirt like a hottie, even if you’re not

Red is associated with passion, sexuality, power and masculinity. There are studies that confirm that both men and women become more attractive, desirable and sexually receptive if they wear brightly colored clothing. If you don’t like a red sweater or jacket, you can always set off the image with red details that match your way of dressing and the situation. Women greatly appreciate in men the ability to compose their own closet in accordance with their age and fashion. Also, the weaker sex likes it when your clothes match the color of your eyes, because it enhances the inner glow. Some men like black, while others find it dull and unimpressive. So study your features to look your best.

Create a sense of security around you

10 secrets for you to flirt like a hottie, even if you’re not

Women read your facial expression and draw certain conclusions. Research has shown that men with carefree facial expressions are less successful. Women like guys with whom they feel safe: calm, not arrogant, but with their own point of view. Their facial expressions seem to give the message, “I’m not that simple.” And men with carefree facial expressions, according to the women interviewed, give the impression that they do not care. Girls are also attracted to a certain shyness associated with emotional sensitivity.

Use a good quality perfume

10 secrets for you to flirt like a hottie, even if you’re not

According to research, good smells play a very important role in how you are seen by others. It’s not just about good hygiene and the use of deodorant. Don’t forget to apply a few drops of good quality perfume before you leave the house (just don’t go overboard!). Remember that toilet water is not always able to highlight your personality because of the weak concentration of the fragrance. Antiperspirant and children’s perfume should be left for sports or playing with children, and going on a date, choose a more suitable fragrance.

Be positive

10 secrets for you to flirt like a hottie, even if you’re not

To be attractive, it is not enough just to have good physique, you need to learn how to radiate positive energy. Studies show that a positive man looks more romantic and seductive. He creates in women’s eyes the image of a man with a good sense of humor and energetic mood. And all because such a guy gives the lady the feeling that he knows how to face life.

Be honest

10 secrets for you to flirt like a hottie, even if you’re not

Be careful with all rehearsed statements, as they may sound false and unattractive. Try to be natural and direct. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake while seducing. It’s not about the role you need to play or the performance. This is your life and your future. If you cheat now, how will it affect the development of your relationship later on?

Learn to listen

10 secrets for you to flirt like a hottie, even if you’re not

When it comes to interacting with people, we all think about our social skills. Try to act naturally and not hide your emotions. Let people talk, participate in the conversation, don’t take the lead and turn your date into a one-actor theater. Comment on your emotions, not who you are or what you do. Try to give your opinion based on the topic of the conversation, not out of a desire to brag. A sign that you’re on the right track is when the girl asks you questions. Have conversations that foster intimacy, reveal personality traits and unleash romantic desires. Show your sensitivity and ability to express your point of view. You don’t always have to agree with everything, but you should always show respect.

Imitate gestures

10 secrets for you to flirt like a hottie, even if you’re not

By imitating gestures and comments in response to a girl’s statement, you automatically become more attractive in her eyes. For example, you can follow her by putting your hand on the table. Most likely, if you feel comfortable, it will come out by itself, because when we feel each other and agree with the other, we usually behave that way. You can also practice catching the intonation and tone of voice of the girl and learn her body language. But don’t overdo it, otherwise it may seem like you are laughing at her.

Your body should be directed at the person you want to please. As you listen, smile, study her face, you are sending silent signals. Enjoy the moment, and the girl will experience pleasant emotions, realizing that she cares about you.

Grow a beard

10 secrets for you to flirt like a hottie, even if you’re not

A study by the University of New South Wales (Australia) shows that men with beards look more attractive to women because they make them think about long-term relationships. Also, it is very fashionable these days. A neat and clean beard, well trimmed and elegantly styled, indicates that you take care of yourself and are respectful of the person you are talking to.

Hold yourself up

10 secrets for you to flirt like a hottie, even if you’re not

Women find tall men more attractive. This is due to health and good genes, and according to a study published by scientists from the University of Utah (USA), women feel that such men have more opportunities to stand up for the weaker sex, to protect themselves and their children.

We don’t meen that you need to grow to at least 180 cm, no matter what way. We advise you to keep your back straight when you stand or sit, not to hunch over or drop your shoulders. “You have to keep yourself safe while keeping your back straight,” Angeles Sanz concludes.

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