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Happiness as a human body phenomenon The word "happiness" means something different for anyone, but everyone knows such feelings as joy, gratitude, a sense...
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Voodoo is a religion that originated in the Caribbean Islands (primarily in Haiti) as a result of mixing the traditional beliefs of African slaves and Catholicism.
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Mark David Chapman—the man who shot John Lennon—was obsessed with delusions of grandeur. He fancied himself John Lennon and shot the famous musician...


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5 infectious diseases that mankind has eradicated

In the midst of a pandemic, it is forgotten that people have managed to defeat the most dangerous diseases that have ravaged entire countries. Scientists estimate that...
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The most inhospitable signs of the zodiac

Hospitality is not peculiar to closed people, introverts, who protect their personal space from outside intrusion. Such individuals are happy to take refuge within their homes from...
Megaharbor Death Experience

The end of the movie: What people see when they’re dying

At the end of any movie, final credits appear on the screen. Human life is much more complicated than any movie, but what do people see before...
Megaharbor Hundredth Monkey

Hundredth Monkey Effect: Deployment of Ideas

Everything changes. Nothing can remain unchanged. Every new day brings changes. If you compare our society just 100 years ago and today, the differences will be cardinal....
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Charles Manson: The Hollywood Butcher

Even in the drug-drenched, hippie seventies, this mass murder shocked America. A perverted maniac, a madman who fancied himself a prophet, Charles Manson and his rabid followers...